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   Chapter 70 Peter Is A Nouveau Riche

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7205

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Audrey was upset with Peter, thinking that he was such a hooligan. Though detained in the police station, Peter never behaved himself.

Although Peter's discourteous nature annoyed Bella a lot, she managed to keep herself silent in front of so many people, and her primary concern now was to see Peter safe and sound.

Peter's only admirer was Brandon there.

'My brother is amazing! He really has a good taste!

Even though this policewoman is not extremely gorgeous, she is hot with sexy curves. Police uniform complements her attraction. Even I can't resist her.'

Peter stared at Amelia, feeling low and thinking how things really went against him. Why did Amelia come at this critical moment? Such bad luck!

Peter smiled and said,"Both of you are the most beautiful women here."

Amelia snorted coldly and changed topic.

"Peter, I saved your stupid ass. You owe me a favor. Besides, you'd better stay away from my sister, Audrey. I don't care how many mistresses you have. But if you dare to touch her, I'll make sure you pay for it.

She is still a college student, and way too younger than you. You are trying to play with an innocent child? Shame on you!"

'What innocent child?' Audrey thought with embarrassment.

But she knew it was not the right time to debate. Instead, she needed to clarify her relationship with Peter in case of any misunderstandings.

"What? Amelia, what on earth are you talking about? How can I like him? Take a look at him. He neither has any great talent, nor is handsome, nor wealthy. He doesn't have a single redeeming attribute. Why will I even like him?"

Peter started analyzing what Audrey had just said while contemplating that she was Amelia's sister. He said displeased,"Dear Audrey, why are you different after you get dressed?"

"What? What are you talking about? Explain it clearly!" Audrey was deeply offended by his blunt statement.

"As you wish!" Peter wasn't afraid at all. "Answer me. Did you make the bed for me at night?"

"Yes, but it was..."

"Good. Another question: did I spend 830, 000 on you?"

"Yes, you did, but..."

"Good. Last question, were we in the was

Peter was outraged and said,"Wanna bet? What would you do if I get a girl?"

"If you can get a girl and she is willing to sit on your lap, then I'm yours for tonight!" she said, lifting her eyebrows and staring at Peter.

Girls these days were way too materialistic to notice a poor guy. Peter's cheap clothes would never win him a girl. It was like a daydream!

Brandon was stupefied. He didn't expect that his bragging would lead to a battle between them.

"Then it's settled." Peter glared. "You can't go take back your words now, get it!?"

"Yes, you have my word. Brandon is the witness," Bella said courageously.

"Okay, then wash yourself clean and get ready for me," said Peter with a wicked grin.

"Now, watch carefully!" Peter reached out for his trousers pocket.

Brandon and Bella stared at Peter carefully, trying to figure out his trick to attract girls.


Peter took out a diamond ring, putting it on the table for everyone to see, and then wore it on one of his fingers on the left hand.

Bang! Once again.

He took out another diamond ring and wore it on a different finger on his left hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One after another, Peter took out another three rings until all the fingers on his left hand had rings on them.

After this, Peter raised his left hand and waved it to someone.

Suddenly three beautiful women, dressed very gorgeously, came over in a seductive manner.

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