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   Chapter 69 Don't You Think I Am Beautiful

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5908

Updated: 2019-01-22 11:09

"Bastard! You took advantage of me! I didn't even scream but why did you do that? And look at yourself! Shame on you! Your first kiss? Are you kidding me?"

Cassie cried angrily. 'Fuck! You were the one who took advantage of me! Why are you screaming?' Seeing Peter's expression made her even more furious.

"You're the one who's on my bed. How could you say I took advantage of you? Look! You're even still on top of me!"

Peter continued,"Oh my god! Girls in uniform are usually my weakness! You're in uniform. Are you trying to tempt me? Well, I'm not going to be tempted by you as you are not my type."

"What are you talking about? Don't you think I'm beautiful?" Cassie was embarrassed and angry. A part of her wanted to get out of the bed, but instead, she stayed and jumped up, sat on Peter and pinched his chest.

"Ouch! That hurts! Don't do this. There are so many people here and I'm too shy to play the game with you," Peter pleaded. "I'd rather die than be humiliated in front of these people!"

Peter replied, turning over to throw off Cassie on the bed. He put on his shoes and ran away. As he was on his way, he shouted at the guys,"Hey, guys! I have great news for you! She's on the bed! You should go there all at the same time so you'll get your chance!"

Peter's words left them stunned.

'All at the same time? Are you insane? We don't want to die!'

"I'm gonna kill you!" Cassie shouted after Peter.

"Oh my god! Help!" Peter continued running. He was as fast as a rabbit! Confused with what happened after arriving at the scene, the cops ignored Peter as he flew by.

"He is the suspect. Catch him!" Cassie shouted with frustration.

'What? He is the suspect?'

The cops went after Peter immediately. "Stop! Stop right now

wanted to. Is that true?" he asked her carefully. He didn't want to become a fugitive.

"Yes, you can," Cassie choked in between sobs.

"Well, okay. I'm leaving now. See you later then!" Wanting to get away from the guns as soon as possible, he ran away immediately.

"Stop!" Cassie jumped up as she saw him leaving. "Is that how you really think? You don't think I'm beautiful? And do you really think I'm cheeky? Is that how you see me?"

Peter couldn't understand what he was seeing. 'What's wrong with this woman? How can I answer her questions without hurting her even more?'

It was fortunate that he was an excellent liar!

"No, I didn't mean it. You're breathtakingly beautiful and you are definitely not cheeky! You are the most beautiful woman in the police station and I will fight whoever disagrees with me! I give my word!"

Cassie felt much better after hearing what he said.

Suddenly, a woman came forward,"I disagree. I think she is not the most beautiful woman here. Fight me!" Amelia said coldly, walking to Peter slowly.

"If she is the most beautiful woman here, then what does that make me?" 'What a douche! How can you flirt with her?'

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