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   Chapter 68 You Can’t Kick The Bucket

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7577

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"Woah! Isn't this Bella Song, the famous ice beauty president, who always thinks highly of herself and disdains attending these kind of parties? Why did you come this time?"

"Well, you came, that's fine, but don't you even know how to knock at the door and then step in? As the president of the well-known Silverland Group, don't you have any good manners? You are despising the people at the party or the party itself?"

Two very elegant and rich young ladies welcomed Bella with these words.

Most people present at the party thought it was pretty insulting to Bella, whatever these ladies said.

'Um, does she loath the party or us?' Either way, they couldn't take it.

As in the upper class circle, these rich men regarded their face, reputation and dignity as the most important things. They had been insulted by these two arrogant ladies. They didn't have anymore respect or compassion left towards Bella.

"Brandon! Where's Brandon?" Bella did not pay any attention to the two ladies insulting her or the rich men checking her out from top to bottom. She just wanted to know where the heck was Brandon.

Peter was now stuck in the police station and she was running out of time. She couldn't afford to engage herself in a cat fight with the two bitchy women. She just wanted to save Peter.

They all could see that Bella was ignoring everyone, the men and those two ladies. This made them more sulky.Especially, the two women who insulted her got really worked up when

Bella called Brandon directly by his name. Their surprise was accompanied with disdain present in their eyes.

Even with their high status, they couldn't get Brandon to talk to them with a straight face. 'Who the hell is this Bella Song to just call out his name like that?' they thought to themselves.

And to their utter surprise, they heard Brandon respond.

"Hey, Bella, what's wrong? What happened?" Brandon quickly got up and walked towards Bella while speaking.

'Bella? Say something!'

Everyone present in the room was in a deep shock.

None of them could afford to offend Brandon by disrespecting Bella.

If only anyone could understand the embarrassment and self-loathing those two ladies felt, on realizing Brandon considered Bella as his friend.


ner, cautious and afraid of causing any noise that might wake Peter up.

Cassie Qin felt it incredible. 'Is he really being detained in the detention house? He's sleeping as if he's been put in a hotel. There is just no need to worry about him.' Cassie whined.

It took some minutes before Cassie Qin came to herself. She said to Peter,"Peter Wang, wake up. You are free to leave now."

"Don't make any noise. Just let me sleep for a while." Peter turned to the other side and continued to sleep.

Cassie Qin was in sheer disbelief. How could someone sleep so soundly in a detention center? It was really the first time she had seen someone like this. She kept calling Peter for several times. There was no response, so she could only walk to Peter's side.

"Wake up quickly. You can leave now!" Cassie shouted, out loud.

"Don't make noise!" Peter pushed her slightly, knitting his brows, and accidentally touched her arm when he took back his hand.

Cassie Qin was caught off guard! She fell onto Peter suddenly and her lips pressed against his.

Peter instantly opened his eyes, pushed Cassie Qin away from him, and let out a shriek.

He?reflexively covered his chest with his hands, winced and seemed nervous.

"What the fuck are you doing and why the fuck are you in my bed? How can you do this? How can you sexually assault me while I'm asleep? I wish to file a complaint, to your director! Oh God, my first kiss!"

Everyone around was dumbfounded.

Cassie Qin was left speechless.

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