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   Chapter 66 Insane Murderer

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6257

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"Now it doesn't make sense for me to hide it, so I'll tell you, okay?" Peter said with a sigh. "But you have to promise that you'll keep it as a secret."

"Okay, tell me," the policewoman said, delighted but keeping a straight face.

"I'm the number one soldier king of the world. I got fed up with that kind of life though. Everyday, I faced a threat on my life. Therefore, I decided to come back to my hometown, the Golden City. I was hoping I could live a peaceful life as a normal person. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Peter said in a low voice, preventing anyone else from hearing his words.

"I don't know who that foreign killer is, but what I know is that he showed up to kill Miss Song. Believe me or..."

"Shut up!" She wasn't convinced. "Stop shitting around. I don't want to hear your lies. Tell me the truth! Number one soldier king? Hahaha. I won't be surprised if you were actually the number one killer, too."

"How did you know that?" Peter asked, appalled. "Would you ever consider yourself a killer too? Not a lot of people know that I used to kill people."

"Stop talking!" She stood up and slapped the desk angrily. "Stop giving me nonsense! Tell me the truth!"

"I just did!" Peter said innocently. "The foreign killer was sent by somebody to kill Bella Song. If you don't trust me, you can ask Madam Mo. She'll vouch for me, for sure."

"Madam Mo?" The policewoman turned pale. She was afraid of Amelia. "You know Madam Mo?"

"Of course, I do. We've had dinner together. We even got a room after," Peter said proudly.


The policewoman slapped the desk loudly in her anger again.

"You got a room with Madam Mo? Do you think I'm stupid? Bastard, if you don't want to tell me the truth, then you can just stay here until you stop giving me your bullshit."

Fed up, she walked out of the room and left Peter to him

e sentenced to death so he just made sure that he compensated himself by making the other inmates' lives miserable.

"Sir, please have mercy. You see, my tender skin couldn't bear any fight." Peter shrank his body more and acted as if he would cry out soon.

"You want to refuse me, hmm? Since you don't want to come here, I'll be the one to come to you." He stood up and started to walk towards Peter with a ghastly smile across his face.

He looked like a hungry maniac about to devour Peter.

'This newbie didn't lie. He really does have tender skin.Now that I would never be able to get a woman anymore, I'd be happy to do it with a man with skin as smooth as him before I die, ' he thought.

"Don't come near me!" Peter felt like he wanted to throw up when he read the expression on the man's face.

"Hey, kid, no one can hear you like that. You could shout louder, but nobody could rescue you," the scarred man told Peter, drawing nearer. The man's smile and his eyes got bigger and bigger.


Peter couldn't bear the sick stare anymore. He grabbed one of his shoes and threw it at the man.

"How dare you defy me?" The scarred man reacted quickly to dodge the hit, sneering. Then, he drove a kick to Peter's stomach.

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