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   Chapter 65 I Am The Mighty Soldier King

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6370

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People immediately gathered around the coffee shop upon hearing the wailing police sirens.

"We received reports of gunfire here. What happened?" a cop inquired at Peter and Bella.

Several customers already fled the scene as soon as the fight ended.

Peter and Bella were the only remaining witnesses apart from the ones injured. Fortunately, the two of them weren't hurt.

"We're not sure either," Peter said shaking his head. "A foreign guy just entered and suddenly started shooting like a maniac! I risked my life and managed to scare him away. By the way, that's his gun right there." He pointed at the weapon on the floor.

"You scared him away? The killer?" The cop was unable to hide his shock. "Anyway, why did he want to kill you? Who are you?"

"Sir, this is Bella Song, President of Silverland Group and I am her bodyguard. Miss Song is his target, not me. I was only doing my job to protect my boss," he replied.

"That's bullshit!" a man suddenly appeared and shouted. "He's lying, officer. He's a security guard of Silverland Group, not her bodyguard!"

It was Frank.

Knowing what happened, he made his way into the store without anyone stopping him because of his social status.

"He is just a security guard! How could he have scared the killer away? Is he really who he says he is? For all we know, he could be a wanted criminal hiding in Golden City!

From what I know, he's the target and not Bella. It would have been too odd of a coincidence if the killer suddenly started targeting Bella exactly when he arrived in town, don't you think?

This guy is a ticking timebomb waiting to explode in our peaceful city. I suggest that you do a complete and thorough investigation of this man!"

He said all this with so much passion. He was so convincing even he started to believe what he was saying.

'Fuck you, Peter. I won't go easy on you this time. I'm gonna

ight be someone very important made him tremble in fear whenever the phone rang.

Meanwhile, Peter settled himself as he was taken to the interrogation room.

An average-looking cop sat across him. She was probably around twenty years old. She was in good shape. Her uniform looked good on her.

Interrogation started immediately. Soon later, she started to become more and more perplexed, not because Peter was dishonest, but because he seemed so open and cooperative.

That was why she was surprised.

She made him wait for two hours before she entered the room because she thought that this would give him mental stress and cause him to panic.

It seemed to have not affected him at all, though. He even seemed calmer than her!

"Who are you? Why are you in Golden City? Who was the foreign killer and why did he want to kill you? It would be in your best interest to answer honestly. Else, you'll surely be punished for your lies.

I've made a thorough investigation about you. You arrived in Golden City half a month ago and became a security guard one week ago. So clearly, you were lying when you said that you were Bella's bodyguard."

The cop looked at Peter straight in the eyes in hopes that this show of power would stress him out mentally.

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