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   Chapter 63 You Will Be Responsible

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6061

Updated: 2019-01-19 00:05

"God! my eyes are burning!

Miss Song, if anything happens to my eyes, you will be responsible!

I don't have a girlfriend! How can I have a girlfriend if I am blind? So, you will be my girlfriend if I'm blind!"

Peter screamed and covered his eyes with his hands and then rubbed them.

"Are you okay Peter? Shall I take you to the hospital?" Bella got very worried and felt sorry for what she had done.

"What are you talking about? How about now I spray some pepper spray into your eyes? Uh... my eyes hurt as hell!" Peter said.

"Look at me, let me check your eyes! I'll blow on them." Bella was very worried. She walked to Peter, removed his hands from his eyes and started to blow on them.

They sat very close to each other.

Peter hugged Bella, after she removed his hands from his eyes. Although his eyes were hurting, he was happy that he could feel her body against him and hug her.

"Do you feel okay? Does it still burn? How about going to a hospital?"

Bella was focused only on his eyes and didn't realize what was going on other than that.Shekept blowing on his eyes, hoping he'd feel better!

She was already worried and when she saw that his eyes were extremely red, she got scared.

"Yeah, they still burn. Keep blowing on them!" Peter closed his eyes and refused to go to the hospital.

'Why doesn't he want to go to the hospital if he is in so much pain? Is he trying to take advantage of me?'

Soon she realized something was wrong.

"You bastard! Here, I'm so worried about you and you are busy taking advantage of me!" Bella screamed and then hit him casually!

"Haha. Okay, I'm sorry!" Suddenly, Peter opened his eyes and replied.

An hour later, they were sitting in a coffee shop.

Bella was enjoying her coffee. She looked at Peter who seemed dull.


re you talk to me like that?

You are just a fucking bitch, a whore! I'm gonna get you tonight!"

Scott Liu was so raged that he was about to slap Bella.

What a rascal!

After listening to this, Bella was furious. She picked up her cup of coffee and threw it on to his face!

That was some burning hot coffee!

Scott Liu screamed and cried out of pain. He put his hands over his face and took a step back.

However, Bella didn't stop even after this! She kicked his balls hard, while he was crying! And he then fell on the ground.

In no time, Scott Liu's white Armani suit turned black in dirt.

Everyone but Peter was taken aback.

They didn't expect this delicate, beautiful woman to act so violently.

"Fuck you, bitch! I'm gonna fuck you to death! I will make other guys fuck you too,"

Scott Liuscreamed and swore continuously.

However, Bella didn't let him go easy! She slapped him hard.She was still pretty angry! Hence, she kicked his crotch again!

'Oh my god! Her shoes have heels!'

All men present in the room could only think how bad it would have hurt Scott Liu.


As it was expected, Scott squealed like a pig covered his crotch with his hands.

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