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   Chapter 62 Pepper Spray

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7523

Updated: 2019-01-18 16:53

"Is it too much?" Brandon smirked cunningly and said," I don't think that's too much. In the case it is, what will you anyway do with me?"


Rowen was furious at this moment.

The bodyguards standing right behind Rowen were also furious, waiting for their boss to say the word to destroy Brandon.

The ladies dancing in the vicinity were scared to death and hence, hid in the corner without making any sound at all.

They all knew that Rowen was a big shot in the city and extremely powerful. Brand must be someone unusual, as he dared to intrude and challenge Rowen.

On the contrary, Carey was delighted on seeing this. He didn't wish to cooperate with Rowen at all, if it was possible.

Peter just stood behind Brandon, acting like any other sidekick.Meanwhile, he checked out the ladies standing in the corner, who tried to hide but were clearly visible.

He let Brandon go ahead and act as the boss here, as he wanted to assure Carey that they didn't fear Rowen at all. By then, Carey would know that it was totally fine to leave with them and work with Silverland Group.

Only a person like Brandon could really have the audacity and guts to offend Rowen. Seeing this, Carey was sure to loosen up and not to fear Rowen anymore.

In all honesty, Rowen was freaking out but he resisted turning nasty to Brandon.

Few moments later, Rowen said," Mr. Chu, as long as you beat my buddy here, I'll give up the business as you want."

Following Rowen's words, a man went out of the room.

The man had a lean face, with his facial features robust and mouth slightly twitched.

From his look, he seemed to be a person who would have killed a lot of people in his life.His eyes threatened people and sent chills down their spines.

The man was basically a mercenary with a past full of murders and blood. No wonder his nick name was 'Viper'.He was rescued by Rowen during a feud, and since then, he started working for him.

In past years, it was Viper who had helped Rowen to overcome various obstacles and that was how Rowen ended up becoming so powerful.

"You consider me helpless? You think I have no men to back me up? Fucker! Are you trying to show off the number of henchmen you got? My men aren't here with me

I have to thank you. If it weren't for you, I would have lost this case worth twenty-million. You know what? I've started admiring you even more now,"

Bella said to Peter sincerely, after they saw Carey off.

She did really admire Peter more and more with time.

It felt as if Peter was a guiding angel sent by god especially for her, helping her solve all her problems.

"Really? Is it so? Miss Song, you know what? I have the same feeling for you. Well, since I helped you solve this issue, shouldn't you fulfill your promise to me?"

Peter chuckled as he said this to Bella.His attention was caught by Bella's beautiful long legs with long black silk socks. They were way too seductive for him to handle.

Bella was extremely thankful to Peter and adored him more than ever, had she not seen him act like like a jerk. Her admiration for him was replaced by anger.

"Why can't you act more seriously at times? I mean it!"

'This bastard just doesn't know how to behave properly, ' Bella thought to herself.'Why can't he be a gentleman? Well, if he had been, I would have been crazy about him.'

"More seriously, what?" Peter asked innocently. "I always take matters concerning your seriously. Miss Song, are you wanting that more serious orjust wanting it more and more? Oh god! How could you be so hungry for sex?"

"I'm going to kill you, really!"

Bella was raged after hearing this. She took out a bottle of pepper spray from her drawer and sprayed it into Peter's eyes.

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