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   Chapter 61 Rowen

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6536

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"All of you! Get down and put your hands behind your heads and keep your heads down! Count off from left to right! Whoever moves without permission or says the wrong number will get a beating!"

Peter commanded the men with a stick in his hand.

Nearly a hundred delinquent teenagers lined themselves up along the road, not daring to look up.

Black and blue all over from all the fighting, fear was visible in their eyes.

It took Peter less than a minute to beat all of them up. 'He must be a superman! He's a King when it comes to fighting!'

The punks thought, trembling with fear.

They would not have thought, from all their experience in these streets, that anyone could take all of them on at the same time.

It was something they would not have anticipated.

In the Hummer, Brandon was in shock.

'My buddy is so freaking awesome! With him by my side, I am untouchable!'

The two ladies gushed with admiration as they watched Peter.

'He is so cool! So handsome!

So strong! A real man, indeed!' they thought.

"Learn from this! Be decent young men instead of rowdy street rats. If you ever dare do this kind of thing again, I won't be too kind anymore and I'll beat the crap out of you, "

Peter said as he hit the ones who didn't follow his instructions.

None of the boys moved for fear of a beating. Some of them even burst into tears.

"Who are the drivers of those two vans? Hurry, park them to the side!"

Two of the punks hastily rushed over to the vehicles upon hearing Peter's command. They obediently complied and quickly returned to their place in the line, not daring to flee.

Brandon and the two ladies stood in shock again.

"You're all fast learners." Peter nodded with satisfaction. He was about to leave the site when policemen started to arrive.

They couldn't believe their eyes.

'Why are these boys lining up like this along the road? They're so behaved. Are they this afraid of us?'

n shouted as he arrived.

"I am, " Rowen answered angrily, feeling more enraged than ever.

He knew about how Peter just beat up a hundred delinquents and about Brandon's connections to the higher-ups. No matter how much he wanted to, Rowen couldn't just ask his men to deal with them.

If only his henchmen knew the same things he did.

One of them jumped out at the sight of intruders. "Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to Mr. Bian that way? Clearly, you don't know who runs this place. Well, you're in big trouble now."

"I hate threats, " Brandon answered. As he was about to teach the guy a lesson, Rowen turned back and slapped his henchman on the face. "SHUT UP! You do not have a say here!"

Turning to Brandon, he said, "Mr. Chu, I don't remember ever offending you. What brings you here?"

"Nothing special. I just want you to leave Mr. Wang alone." Brandon went straight to the point. "Mr. Wang is a customer of Silverland Group. I'm warning you: Do not use your dirty tricks to intrude with their business dealings."

"Mr. Chu, these dealings are none of your business. Isn't that request too much?"

Rowen burst into flame.

He was the boss in the whole Golden City! He couldn't just concede to the request in front of his henchmen. That would be humiliating!

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