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   Chapter 59 Tremble In Fear

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6993

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When Peter observed and realized what all those men were doing, he understood that he was the target and not Brandon.

"Who's your boss?" Peter asked them, trying to remain adamant and strong.

"Go to hell, you son of a bitch!" said a young man. He smirked at Peter grimly and told others, "Kill him, as soon as possible!"

This young man had no intentions of reconciling with Peter at any cost. So, he didn't even let him speak.

As he'd instructed, all the fourteen men, with knives in their hands, ran towards Peter.

The fourteen knives shined in the broad daylight. It looked like they were going to chop Peter into small pieces and kill him.

Soon, Brandon stepped out of the car and what he saw left him speechless. He knew he had to help Peter even though he would die.

"As your brother, I should share your ups and downs. Bro, don't worry. Here I am." Brandon shouted, as he stepped out of the Hummer and ran towards Peter, trying to save him.

Peter was taken aback. "Brandon, what on earth do you think you are doing? Run away from me!"

Peter screamed and ran away quickly. But at that exact moment Peter was deeply touched by Brandon's gesture!

As the famous saying goes, "a friend in need is a friend indeed." Peter finally realized that Brandon truly was his friend. He hadn't considered him a friend before today.

Brandon was stumped. 'What the fuck? Are you freaking kidding me?'

As Brandon saw Peter ran away like a professional athlete, he came back to his senses and thought of going back to the car, especially after seeing those shiny knives.

"Catch them and kill them both!" The young man shouted again, instructing all the others in his gang. Now, they were chasing both of them.

Peter's plan was not to run away from the fight but to reach a certain distance and then face them one by one. Then he could fight and defeat them. He couldn't fight all the fourteen men together, of course.

After all, he couldn't beat all of them up at the same time even though he was a good fighter.

Even if he tried, he'd just end up getting killed.

all stabbed by the knives. They all moaned in pain.

Soon there was blood everywhere!

Brandon, Sunny and Tina were flabbergasted after witnessing the whole fight.

'That was freaking awesome! How the fuck did he do that?'

Finally, all of them realized that they couldn't fight Peter. He was on a different level.

"Well, well, well. Now, can you tell me who your boss is? In case you don't want to tell me, I have enough time to play this game with you all!" Peter smiled, wickedly.

"Alfred Gao!" said a young man without any fear. "I admit that you are better than us and we shouldn't have belittled you. It was our mistake. However, you won't be allowed to leave alive!"

Suddenly, sound of multiple brakes could be heard. Several vans stopped on the road. Nearly 100 people got off and came out of their respective vans.

About ten of them wore mask just like the previous fourteen ones and all of them were dressed in black.

And the others were just a bunch of bastards.

Their hair were of variegated colors and different hairstyles. Each of them had a tool in their hands and looked very arrogant with a cigarette in their mouths.

This time, there were way too many people. It was enough to scare the common people.

It was still a frightening scene, overall.

'Fuck! Have all the thugs of the Golden City come here?' Finally, Peter looked serious this time.

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