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   Chapter 58 Mad Revenge

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8050

Updated: 2019-01-16 22:49

As soon as Peter rode the Hummer, his heart almost collapsed.

He had planned to sit in front, accompanying Brandon, but one of Brandon's female companions, Sunny, was already sitting there.

Peter had no choice but to sit behind with the other companion of Brandon, Tina.

No one knew why but Anna pulled unbuttoned a few buttons on her shirt and slightly lifted up her skirt, after sitting in the car.

Peter already felt seduced and it was hard to resist the temptation.

But Peter felt that it was ethically wrong to have such inappropriate thoughts about a woman that belonged to his brother, Brandon.

Though Peter kept warning himself, he couldn't stop himself from staring at Tina's exposed body parts.

Joyful and hopeful, Tina kept moving closer to Peter.

Fascinated by Peter's masculine physique, Tina got highly attracted to him.

Heroes were always attached to beauties, and it was no wonder all these pretty ladies wanted to be with Peter.

As Tina kept getting closer, Peter started getting more and more confused. He was now at the corner of the seat, and shifting further wasn't an option.

Tina was so close to him that it was hard to ignore how good her body smelled and how attractive her body was.

He really wanted to push Tina away, but it would make her feel bad and embarrassed, wouldn't it?

If he didn't push her away, he just could hardly control his eyes, for Tina looked extremely attractive and tempting. Why would she seduce him so much? That was all Peter could think about.

From the driver's seat, Brandon saw the whole thing in the rearview mirror and just smirked.

How horny Peter was! It could be seen clearly on his face.

He saw a truck, which was stopping at a traffic signal, suddenly rushed towards their car like a crazy horse.

Sunny, who was sitting in front, screamed out of sheer fear and shock. Her face turned pale and her eyes filled with terror.

Tina started screaming too and she held Peter very tightly and ducked her head in his arms. She was trembling terribly.

Because the truck collided from their direction, Sunny and Tina could not stand the strong visual impact.

If the truck would hit them, they'd all die without a doubt.

And they were all still very young, only in the early years of their lives; there was so much they all wanted to do and accomplish.

They didn't want to die so soon and so young!

g if Peter ran the Hummer into their car.

Without any further hesitation or discussion, the driver, drove away from the Hummer to avoid the crash. They all took a sigh of relief after dodging the Hummer by such a small margin.

While in the Hummer, Brandon's heartbeat was still fluttering with fear. This was scarily crazy even for Brandon to bear.

Given the insane speed at which Peter was driving, even a Hummer couldn't guarantee to save their lives.

He shrugged at Peter's madness.

But he was relieved that they survived.

He felt it was the most exciting day in his life, which was ups and downs and unexpected climaxes!

"You all wait here and do not step out. I'll step out and see what's going on." Peter instructed everyone in the car and stepped out.

As soon as he stepped out, he walked directly towards the minibus.

Peter, all filled with burning rage and restlessness, wanted to find out who was behind this crazy incident.

It was a bright day in the downtown when this whole thing had taken place.

Fortunately, there were not a lot of people or vehicles in the vicinity, else, countless people would have died or met with accidents.

Before Peter could reach up to them and inquire what was happening, all the seven men got out of the car with knives in their hands.

Oh! they weren't alone. Another seven masked men jumped out of another car, which was also running behind the Hummer, who also had knives in their hands, They all formed a circle around Peter.

Peter could see they had extremely sharp knives.

And the air smelled like blood, already.

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