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   Chapter 56 Brandon's Prestige

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8461

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"Brother, is the person staying in that room bothering you in any way?"

Brandon couldn't help but ask Peter, in order to understand what was happening.

"No, not really"

Peter shook his head as he replied.

"Then, do you dislike him for any reason?"

Brandon raised another question.

"Neither is true. I don't know him at all, for that matter"

Peter shook his head yet again.

"Then why do you want me to go and kick on the door of his room?" Brandon asked Peter with a lot of annoyance in his tone.

"I want to discuss business with him."

Peter replied, in a heavy voice.

"What the fuck?!"

Brandon couldn't help but swear.

'Is there anyone in this world who discusses business like this?

Is that how people are behaving in the society, or he is the only one gone bonkers?' Brandon thought.

"Ah, well, It'd be to explain the situation to you for a while.

Just answer my question, Will you help me with this or not? If not, I shall go ahead by myself."

Peter seemed to be a little impatient at that moment.

Brandon bit his lips and agreed to go. "Fine, I'll go with you!"

Soon, Brandon walked out of the room.

The two girls laying in the bed were stunned after witnessing the whole scene.

As soon as Brandon reached Carey's room, he took a deep breath, collected his forces, and kicked the door with all that he could.

A loud thud was heard.

Brandon winced with pain of his leg because of kicking the door too hard but even post this, the door only trembled, it didn't open.

Peter's eyes widened and he was speechless as he saw Brandon miserably fail at opening the door. "Brandon, can you even do it? Any chance you are already high by the wine you had? What a shame! You can't even open a single door!?"

Brandon was agitated; he kicked the door yet again.

With a loud bang, this time.

The door shook but didn't open.

After failing for the second time, Brandon thought he'd be a loser if he wouldn't be able to open even a single door. Ignoring the pain of his leg, he kicked the door again with all the strength that was left in him.

He was shocked and couldn't believe that he was unable to even open a door.

With a loud thud!


This time, it didn't disappoint Brandon. However, to everyone's utter surprise, the room was empty.

"Nobody? Really?"

Brandon felt stupid. All that kicking for what? To find the room empty?!

After realizing that the room was empty, Peter was stunned. He didn't know what to do. After thinking for a few

walk inside that room and face all that abuse?

"Peter One! Get one thing straight. Now, she is my woman. I can treat her however the fuck I want to, you better stay out of it. Besides, whether I am a beast or worse, is none of your business to decide."

Frank clenched his fist and resisted punching Peter in the face.

He hated Peter extremely now. If he could overpower Peter, he would have already rushed into punching him.

"You piece of shit! You are such an arrogant man! My brother will handle you!"

Brandon rushed into the room after hearing these words. "So, you think you can fight me? Come, I will give you a chance. Go on call for help before I crush you under my feet."

Brandon arrogantly bellowed at the man, which perfectly performed his essence of rascal!

Frank was really furious and screamed at Brandon saying, "Brandon Chu, I know that you are a part of the Chu family in Golden City.

Though I can't afford to provoke you, there sure are people who can, you better beware and not act cocky!"

With a bang!

As soon as Frank finished his sentence, Brandon kicked him and laughed wildly. "What can you really do even if I act aggressive? Bite me! Fuck! Even after knowing that you can't afford to provoke me, you still dared to shout at me! Do you wish to die from my hands?"

Brandon continued to laugh loudly along with stamping Frank on his body. "Do you not know who I am?

You shouldn't dare to threaten me, I can literally stamp you to death!"

Frank was screaming out of pain but couldn't speak anything as he was hurting. But on the inside he was an angry mess. If he could, he would burn down everything that lay in front of him.

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