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   Chapter 55 The Mysterious Murderer

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8250

Updated: 2019-01-15 00:05

The throats of both two killers were slit and they were killed to death without any pains.

Peter was flabbergasted, looking at the two dead bodies. He was wondering who could have dared to do such a heinous crime inside a police station.

"Who had the guts to kill them?" Peter said with a frown.

Amelia stood there, silent and embarrassed. "I feel terrible, but even I don't know who did this."

After a long pause, she continued, "As a matter of fact, we know nothing about the murder. Nothing at all!"

Peter was taken aback after hearing this. "Are you fucking kidding me? It's a damn police station! People got murdered here. I totally understand that you missed out on the murderer, maybe because he was highly skilled, but how can you not know anything about the whole scene?"

"I'm only stating the facts here. We really do not know anything about the murderer. The murderer seems to be extremely skilled; he didn't leave any clues behind. Hence, we can't backtrace him. Also, I think a hacker was involved. As our security system has been hacked into and thus, we can't check the monitoring records."

Peter felt as if he might have been involved in a consipary, somehow.

About one thing they were pretty sure: the two killers had not been murdered by Dark Hand. They might be strong and powerful, but they wouldn't dare to meddle in the affairs of the H country. Moreover, Golden City was a very small place, which didn't deserve their attention or power.

If the murderer was among the policemen, it would be tricky and scary. Maybe spies were present everywhere.

Alternatively, if the murder was not hiding in the police station, it might come from some powerful association.

As it was way too difficult to murder someone in the police station even if one could follow the guidance offered by the hacker appropriately.

In a nutshell, all assumptions pointed towards the murderer coming from an extremely powerful and strong background.

Peter couldn't really figure out who had done this. 'Could it be possible that anyone knew I am here? Or maybe I'm not their target. I'm just thinking too much!'

"Well, you take your time. I have to leave, if you don't have any issues with that." Peter didn't waste anymore time there and left as quickly as possible.

He'd decided to act according to the situation. Although, Peter would prefer living a normal life, he would demonstrate his courage and power in an event where someone wo


'What a playboy!' Peter thought to himself.

Now, it was clear as to what was Brandon doing there.

"This is my elder brother, Peter Wang. He's also my best friend. We can share anything and everything with each other except our wives! So, my brother, would you like to share these two beautiful women with me?"

Brandon asked Peter, while giving him a dirty look.

"Well, you continue to play by yourself! It's not a really good time for me." Peter was stunned.

"Change your clothes and meet me in the bathroom, I'll wait there. Brandon, I really need your help." After saying this, Peter went inside the bathroom.

"Don't be a mood-killer! Didn't you hear what my brother said? Go and change your clothes, " He instructed the two girls.

Peter stepped outside the bathroom, ten minutes later.

The two girls were fully dressed by this time.

However, Peter admitted to himself that Brandon had a good taste in terms of girls.

The two girls were extremely pretty with perfect bodies. They looked young, and they must be in school still.

Well, Brandon came from a rich and powerful family. He wouldn't sleep with ugly girls, ever!

"Well, tell me what can I help you with? I'd do anything for you! Also, till the time I'm in Golden City, I can solve all problems and everyone shall respect me except for Amelia Mo, "

Brandon said.

"Well, that sounds comforting!" Peter continued, "I really need your help. It's actually very simple. All you have to do is walk into the room opposite to this one, where we are standing, kick the door and come back."

Brandon was surprised on hearing what Peter said.

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