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   Chapter 54 Beset With Suspicions

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7263

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Bella gazed at Peter, silent for a long time.

She had to admit that this guy really had a glib tongue.

He could make something illogical sound like it made sense, so much as if he even deserved credit for it.

A man with his talent was truly a rare find!

Bella wasn't easily swayed, though. She quickly put the topic aside knowing that this was the best way to maneuver the conversation. "Don't worry about the bonus. Do well in what I am about to ask of you and everything is negotiable."

Realizing that Bella was up to something, Peter quickly retracted his request. "No, never mind, forget it. I don't want to get into any more trouble."

As she guessed, he refused. Instead of being disappointed, she proceeded to discuss a grievance.

"The past two days, I'm afraid that Shelly and Lisa have not been performing well in the Sales Department. I would very much like to transfer them, but unfortunately, all other positions are already occupied. I no longer have anywhere to assign them.

As for Elaine, there also seems to be some problems with her lately. I'm having doubts if she's still qualified to be a Human Resource Manager."

"Hold it!" Peter interrupted, "Miss Song, are you threatening me? Why are you meddling with the lives of other innocent employees to get back at me? Isn't that unfair?"

"No, it's not." Bella looked at him innocently. "I really do think that they are underperforming."

"Stop it!" Peter said desperately. "Fine, I'll do it! Are you happy now?"

"Well, okay if you say so. Once you get this done, we'll talk about the three of them later." Bella smiled, sly as a fox.

"What do you want me to do?" Peter asked crossly.

"Well, our company is recently negotiated for a large order worth twenty million dollars. It was all settled! We were going to sign the contract tonight, but we suddenly received a call that the cooperating party is canceling their order without giving a reason at all."

"I suspect that Rowen Group is behind this, and they are threatening our business partner, as it's an open secret that the Rowen Group uses their connections with gangs for foul play."

"We're not really afraid of

much! She was only a president of a company. Sure, Silverland Group was big, but she didn't even come from a prominent background. It didn't seem to make sense.

Not to underestimate her, but Peter knew how these things usually went.

Something that bothered him more than the bounty, though, was Dark Hand.

They weren't the most powerful organization, but they were still very difficult to deal with.

They would stop at nothing until their job was done when they had a target. This meant that even after getting rid of two killers, Bella would still be in danger. The organization would send as many assassins as needed just to make sure she went down.

Moreover, revenge would surely be delivered if even one of their men was killed. They also didn't take deals lightly. Even employers could still be killed should they failed to fulfill their end of the bargain.

Dark Hand would not stop until their target was killed.

This was why people who were in their circle dare not offend them or their members. They usually worked so cleanly that it could not be traced back to them.

"Where are the two killers?" Peter asked.

"Dead, " Amelia replied.

"Dead?" His head ached. Peter had a terrible feeling about this. "Wait for me at the police station. I'll be right there."

He arrived half an hour later.

Dread flashed across his face the moment he saw the two bodies sprawled on the ground. His worst fear was realized.

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