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   Chapter 52 You Are My Boss

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6255

Updated: 2019-01-13 16:22

Despite Peter's instructions, Shelly and Lisa kicked the two men forcibly.

It seemed that they both had violent tendencies. Their eyes beamed with satisfaction as they delivered their attack.

The men who were both trying to stand up fell back to the ground.

"Son of a bitch! I'm gonna kill you, you assholes!" The others shouted in rage, positioning to pounce at them.

They quickly failed and fell down again as Peter quickly moved and kicked him at the belly. Two guys fell down clutching their stomachs as their faces twisted in pain.

They felt like their guts would explode.

After seeing what happened to their partners, the other guys decided to give up their plans of fighting Peter.

Seeing how strong he was, it was a bad idea to fight against him.

Tommy, who finally came to his sense, pointed at Shelly. "You ugly bitch, I'm gonna kill you!"

He shouted as he picked up a piece of the broken bowl and ran towards her.

He was infuriated.

No one dared stand up against him before, and now he was fooled and beaten by such a weak woman!

Tommy looked horrible with the blisters on his burnt face. He looked like an angry demon!

Scared, Shelly hid behind Peter.

He looked so scary that she couldn't find it in herself to do anything.

Suddenly, a chair came right at him and hit Tommy in the face.

Peter did this!

Tommy fell to the ground and screamed.

As Peter was about to kick Tommy hard, a waitress entered, Stunned with what she saw.

Tables were turned over, chairs were broken, and guys groaned in pain on the ground. The room was in chaos! It was horrible to look at!

Realizing the situation, the waitress grabbed her phone and started to dial the police. Peter stopped her, smiling.

"Hi, beauty We're friends. No need to call the police. These men are drunk. They did this. We'll make sure that the damag

saw the two guys coming out of the restaurant

And his eyes lit up in recognition. "Stop right there! I'm calling Tommy!"

Ignoring his orders, One of the guys punched him hard on the face.

"Fuck you, son of a bitch. Put that phone away and follow me. Tommy is waiting for you inside."

The two guys grabbed Mac's arms and turned to Peter. "Sorry for the hassle. Please do take care. Goodbye, " they said before leaving.

Mac's face went pale at what he saw.

He knew something was wrong. Tommy and his men would never let him go that easily.

'What a poor boy!'

Peter and the girls soon arrived at the office. Shelly and Lisa made their way to the Sales Department while Peter rushed to the Logistics Department.

Logistics Department and Human Resources department were on the same floor.

He spotted Elaine as he came out of the elevator.

"Follow me, " she said in a low voice as her cheeks turned red at the sight of Peter. She looked around to check if anyone was there and then they went to her office.

She looked weary about being watched.

Despite his confusion, Peter decided to follow the drill and move quietly as well.

In the CEO office, Bella burst in anger as she watched them from the CCTV cameras.

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