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   Chapter 51 Buy One Get One Free

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6608

Updated: 2019-01-13 00:05

"Oh, stop it, Peter, you naughty boy!" Shelly said in giggles. "I'll soon tell Elaine if you keep doing this!"

Her cheeks flushed. She couldn't bear Peter's flirtatious words!

Neither of them realized that disaster was coming.

"Tell Elaine?" Peter was confused. "What's with Elaine? She's not my girlfriend. Shelly, we're both single. Why can't we be open to the idea of dating?"

"Peter, you're crazy! I'm a university graduate! A pretty university graduate!" she said winking. "Besides, what about Lisa? She'll be heartbroken!"

She told Peter.

"No one will be heartbroken, " Peter grinned. "Isn't it 'buy one, get one free'?"

Shelly and Lisa hit Peter lightly with their fists, giggling uncontrollably.

Peter jokingly feigned a scream of pain.

"Hmm, Peter? Is it true, what you said? Don't you really have a girlfriend?" Shelly couldn't help asking after they all calmed down.

Both Lisa and Shelly looked at Peter, eager for an answer.

While they both knew that Peter was out of their league, they still couldn't help but hope for he'd say yes.

"Yeah, it's true." Peter nodded. "Nowadays, finding a girlfriend is like finding a second-hand car. You have to be meticulous."

"What do you mean?" they asked, confused.

"Society is a big hotchpotch." Peter sighed. "Actually, buying a second-hand car is horrible. Previous owners still keep the keys and drive the car from time to time. They run the oils while you should repair from the damages they're responsible for."

Shelly and Lisa couldn't understand his comparison.

When his message finally dawned on Shelly, she beat his chest gently. "Oh Peter, you're so mean. You can't compare women to used cars. It's actually the men who are more difficult to understand."

"Who told you this?" Peter started, "I don't know about other men, but I'm loyal when it comes to love."

"You? You said you wanted us both just now, didn't you?" Shelly rolled her eyes.

"I was just kidding, b

dn't help exclaiming after seeing the two's quick wit and action. He grabbed the glass and bowl and threw them to the other men as well.

Thump! Thump! Two young men covered their heads and fell down.

With Peter, Lisa and Shelly working together, they took four men down including Tommy.

The remaining three men changed their look, pulling out three knives as they started to approach Peter.

It wasn't usual for men to touch women in these scenarios. They were only used to threaten men as leverage if he was difficult to handle.

They clearly had no clue about Peter's fighting prowess so they didn't think it was necessary to hold the ladies as hostage.

"What do you want?" Peter shouted as he tipped the table over.

The three men stepped back for fear of being soiled with the disgusting leftovers.

Peter and the two ladies stood up and lifted their stools above their heads, ready to strike should the men come nearer.

In a flash, two of them were knocked back and one ended up with a bleeding skull.

"You guys are great!!! What fast learners! If you keep learning from me, you'll both be masters in no time!"

Peter exclaimed feeling more drawn to the two.

They weren't only naughty and sexy, they were complete badasses too when it mattered the most. Rare gems they were, indeed.

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