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   Chapter 50 A Storm Of Jealousy

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After leaving the hotel, Peter ran back to his office.

As soon as he reached the office, he tumbled into Shelly and Lisa, who were just about to leave for lunch.

They were both wearing the office uniform — a formal suit with a black vest and a white t-shirt, paired up with black pants.

Under those tight black pants, Peter could see the silhouette of their perfect thighs.

Both of their faces evidently brightened up on seeing Peter. They were both blushing, as they greeted Peter.

Shelly being the blunt one, as always, straight up said, "Peter, I haven't seen you in a couple of days! I missed you so much!"

Peter glanced at both of them and then replied to Shelly, "Woah, Shelly! You stole my words, we definitely have some telepathy going on here."

Then he reached out his finger and scratched Lisa's cute little nose, teasing, "Lisa, did you miss me?"

In her own revolting ways, Lisa announced, "I didn't miss you at all, Peter!"

Lisa was not as blunt and straight forward as Shelly. As soon as she uttered those words, she started turning red and looking away in embarrassment.

"Don't listen to her Peter. She's completely smitten by you. Also, I heard her calling out your name in her sleep last night." Shelly had begun to robe Lisa of her innocent image, already!

"She's just blabbering random stuff, don't take it seriously", Said Lisa, reaching out to Shelly to pinch her, while still feeling extremely embarrassed.

"Look at her Peter, so annoyed! She's turning red in anger."

Chuckling, Shelly moved away and near Peter so as to avoid all the pinching, and continued teasing Lisa.

"You literally provoked me into this!"

"How? What is wrong with me calling out Peter's name in my sleep? You called out his name in the shower, last night!"

"You said you would keep this between us. I'll hit you hard, you whore!"

Shelly's face became red, and waving her arms, she jumped out at Lisa.

She quickly raised her hands in the direction of Lisa to playfully hit her, for saying what she did.

Peter glanced at the two women, fighting playfully. He was shocked, yet happy to see them fighting for him.

He was one charming gentleman.

Seeing that the fight was getting intense, Peter intervened in order to stop things before they got ugly. "What are you both beautiful ladies fighting for? I can take on both of you at the same time, don't worry!"

"You are such a jerk, you!"

Both, Lisa and Shelly, rolled their eyes at him.

Mac's hatred for Peter was increasing exponentially.

Elaine was his walking ATM machine, and now Peter had hold of her. How couldn't he possibbly hate him?

Moreover, Peter not only robbed his cash machine, but also grabbed his car, which directly caused that his new girlfriend Lily dumped him.

From being a rich, handsome and successfulman who had at all to being a man who had nothing, it was quite obvious for Mac to hate Peter in his heart.

"How do you really wish to take revenge from him?"

Tommy asked while taking a puff from a cigarette.

"I want to scrap his legs!", said Mac without a hint of hesitation.

"For that the price would be 100, 000, and you'd have to you pay a deposit of 50, 000 upfront."

Tommy explained.

"All right."

Without giving it any thought, Mac transferred the money to Tommy, via his phone.

As soon as Tommy received the money, he looked at one of the boys from his gang and instructed him, "You go in first and spot where the target is."


The young lad replied and got off the car to go inside the restaurant and check.

He returned after ten minutes.

Tommy was informed that Peter was sitting in a private room with the two ladies, all the people present were divided into three groups and entered the restaurant.

Needless to say Tommy was very familiar with these kind of scenarios.

He knew it very well that if a group of seven people would enter any place together, it would make people suspicious and hence, he had asked everyone to dispersed in different directions.

All seven of them, divided in three groups, ran towards to the room in which Peter was present.

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