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   Chapter 47 Amelia Mo

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7087

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Peter, Bob, and Jaden were soon taken to the police station.

In the car, Peter felt it difficult to stay calm.

It was his second time to be taken to the police station.

The last time he was really wronged. Today, he only came along to answer questions. He was taken to the city police station before, but now he'd be taken to the one for the whole municipality.

'At least I get a level up!' Peter thought.

They arrived at the municipal station half an hour later. Instead of being taken to an interrogation room, they took him somewhere looking like a training room.


The female director entered the room, shut the door behind her and locked it.

Peter was alarmed.

"Madam, I might have been taken to the wrong place. I'm here to answer questions, right?" Peter asked weakly, secretly glancing at the her statuesque figure.

"Fight me. If you win, I'll set you free!" she said in a cold voice as she clenched her fists tightly.

Peter found himself in a dilemma. "I... I'm sorry, ma'am, but I don't feel this is appropriate. I'm an ordinary citizen..."


The sight of a gun at the hands of the director cut him off.

He knew he had no choice. "What if I lose?"

"If you lose, you'd still get to leave… but you'll be in an emergency stretcher to the hospital, " she replied impatiently.


Peter knelt down and put his hands up. "I give up! I admit my defeat! Please ask someone to put me in an emergency stretcher and carry me to the hospital!"

The director grew angry.

Tired of nonsense, she ran toward Peter, determined to stop talking and fight.

"You broke your promise! I lost the fight, I should be taken away in a stretcher!" Peter complained. 'This woman is insane! She seemed to have already forgotten what she just said!'

Peter jumped up and ran away to avoid her.


Peter took the first chair he could grab and threw it at her. His opponent responded with a kick and the chair shattered into pieces.

"Why did you do that? The chair is a property of the municipality! You need to have this replaced, you know!"

Peter shouted, this

Mo said arrogantly. "You just need to have lunch with me. That's not difficult, right?"

"Lunch?" Peter couldn't believe what he was hearing. 'She did all this just so I'd go out for lunch with her?'

He was totally confused. How could this insane woman be the director of the municipal police station? She's insane! It's unreasonable for her to hold such a high position!

"That's all I want, " Amelia Mo said with finality.

"Okay then!" Peter conceded. He knew things couldn't be that simple but he agreed anyway.

Amelia Mo got changed and soon took Peter out of the police station.

The other policemen sat in disbelief as they saw Amelia Mo go out with a man and ride her private car together.

'Is it the end of the world or are we just imagining this? Madam Mo, who always seems to look down on men, is going out on a date?'

The policemen thought, trying to remember Peter's face. Maybe he's going to be her boyfriend?

The Rose Restaurant was a famous dating place for couples in the Golden City.

Still very confused, Peter followed Amelia Mo to a private room.

They were alone in the room — no crazy fiance or suitors.

Peter thought that he'd have to act like her boyfriend just to discourage other rich men from hitting on her.

'She did all that just to have a lunch date with me? I guess I was too paranoid, '

Peter thought, still unsure about what will happen next.

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