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   Chapter 46 What A Powerful Woman

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6198

Updated: 2019-01-10 06:45

Peter pounced at Bob and gave him another kick without hesitation.

Unable to block his attack, Bob fell to the floor, screaming.

Ignoring his cries of agony, Peter continued kicking him forcibly.

"You're a fucking loser! Why did you hit me? You think you're so great, huh? Why don't you try to stand up now, huh? You're too weak to be the head of security here. You don't deserve to be head! Why are you even still here? You don't deserve to be head of security!"

Peter cursed as he delivered one hit after another.

Bob tumbled on the ground badly after being beaten up.

The security guards were stunned and watched silently as their commanding officer was given the beating of his life.

They knew Peter was strong and skilled, but they didn't know that he was strong enough to do this to Bob.

They didn't realize how powerful Peter was until today.

Bob was known to be a good fighter. What was happening now was truly unimaginable to them. 'Oh my god!' they thought, 'he is really powerful!'

Hearing Peter's words as he beat up Bob felt oddly familiar, 'Oh, that's right! That was what Bob has been telling Jack when he was beating him up.'

Lying on his stomach with his hands clenched, Bob turned red, but from humiliation instead of just pain.

He was in a rage. He wanted to kill Peter right now but he couldn't.

Watching from the side, Jack felt very grateful to Peter.

He knew Peter did this for him. He was punishing Bob for what he did to him.

"Hey, loser! Stand up! Why don't stand up?" Peter shouted as he kicked his belly.

Bob said nothing, failing to stand up after trying to do so.

"You'd better be sure to kill me, Peter. You'll regret it when I kick your ass in revenge. I will kill you and all the people you know!"

Bob swore.

"How dare you threaten me!" Peter cursed as he gave him anot

me to try to figure out why she was here. "I called the police because this man threatened to kill me and all the people I know."

Peter pointed at Bob.

"These security guards are my witnesses.

If you still don't believe me, I recorded it too!

If you still think this isn't enough evidence, you can check the CCTV cameras. You can find that he hit me first. If I weren't skilled, I would have been dead!"

Peter said, sounding aggrieved. Bob passed out. He couldn't take it anymore!

"You, check the CCTV cameras. You, make the police record. The rest of you, take these two men down to the station." The beautiful cop gave orders without hesitation.

"Officer, don't listen to this man!" Jaden protested.

Bob was his henchman. If Bob was taken to the police station, he would be exposed and it might cost him his position!

Bella wouldn't pass up the chance to take advantage of the accident and fire Bob.

Unconvinced, the female cop pointed at Jaden. "Take him down the station, too, " she commanded at her men.

"How dare you! I am the deputy general manager of Silverland Group! You can't just arrest me! I want to speak to your director!"

To his surprise, she smiled with disdain. "I am the director."

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