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   Chapter 45 Jack Was Humiliated

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6235

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Doctor Wu was about to resist his arrest when he saw something by the door of the ward that shocked him to his core.

Supported by her daughter, Grace was walking slowly towards them. Doctor Wu couldn't say a word.

He looked at Vicky in hopes of support, but she ignored him completely.

Doctor Wu's face turned pale. He knew his career was over.

"Thank you very much, Peter. You saved me again!" Grace said with overflowing gratitude. She would have died if Peter didn't come to help her.

"You're welcome, " Peter replied.

"Peter… I owe you an apology, " Vicky said, embarrassed for how she acted. She didn't expect that Peter truly could cure her sister.

"I'm glad you're feeling better, Auntie. Forgive me for leaving, but I have to go to work. Please make sure to get some rest." Peter told Grace before leaving, ignoring Vicky.

Although he understood that Vicky was very anxious earlier, he still couldn't manage to forgive her just yet.

Embarrassed, Vicky turned red and decided to keep quiet.

As Peter was about to leave, Director Wang stepped in front of him. "Sir, excuse me. I'm the director of the Golden City First People's Hospital. Would you like to consider being a physician here? I assure you that the compensation would be very satisfying!"

He said excitedly. Golden City was a second-tier city, and the First People's Hospital wasn't known in the country.

Having Peter around might help give the hospital a great reputation.

Grace had seen many doctors to have her disease cured, both locally and abroad. She had met with the most prominent doctors in the industry, and yet, they all said that her disease was incurable. Peter was the only one who cured her illness! He must be a really good physician!

"I'm sorry, Director Wang, but I have to decline. I'm neither a doctor nor do I want to be one. I really app


Losing his temper, Bob hit Peter's head forcefully.

"Fuck you, bastard! How dare you! I'm gonna kill you!

Are you mocking me?"

Bob was planning to provoke Peter and have him beaten up by the security guards around him when he attacked him first.

Unfortunately, he was the one who lost his temper first because of what Peter said. Totally losing sight of his plan, all he wanted to do now was to kick Peter's ass.

"What's the matter, Bob?" Because of Peter's quick reaction, Bob missed his head by an inch and hit his chest.

Peter screamed and fell to the ground, blood gushing out from his mouth.

"You started this, Bob. I'm gonna kill you!" Peter was infuriated. He stood up quickly and ran to bob without hesitation.

Now that he successfully provoked Bob and he delivered the first attack, Peter could do as he wished without getting into trouble.

Although Bob wasn't at a very high position in the company, Peter still decided that it was best to play smart, especially after his bad encounter with the Deputy General Manager of the company, Jaden.

Peter hit himself against Bob's body roughly.

The reason why Bob humiliated Jack was because of Peter. Now, Peter was determined to teach him a lesson.

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