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   Chapter 44 Shameless Quack

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"Doctor Wu, I didn't mean that I don't believe you, but you said you couldn't cure Grace, so I want to give others a chance, " James explained politely.

Doctor Wu trembled in anger but decided to stay silent. Since he had already done everything he could, it made sense to give way to others.

"Fine, I'll wait here. Let's see if he is really as good as he boasts, " Doctor Wu murmured and sat at the corner.

Audrey's aunt calmed down and likewise sat with a livid look.

Despite the fact that she was mean to James especially regarding this matter, she still cared about her sister and would take every chance to make her better.

Director Wang followed Doctor Wu out the room and waited quietly.

As the head of the First People's Hospital of Golden City, he was well-aware of Grace's illness and was already convinced that there was nothing they could do.

All the guests in the hall waited patiently. So solemn was the atmosphere that every breath could almost be heard.

Most of them thought the same thing: Peter perhaps couldn't do anything successfully, for he was too young.


Peter entered the ward and rushed to Grace's side.

Both her breathing and her heartbeak were weak. Although she was in a coma, it was evident that she was really suffering.

Forcing himself to stay calm and focused, Peter took out his acupuncture pins and started to begin the treatment.

Her situation was really severe. It would have been too late to save her had he arrived 10 minutes later.

Meanwhile, Peter was infuriated by the quack doctor, Doctor Wu. How despicable could a person be to danger sick patients?

What the most crucial was to move the sin to a scapegoat by blaming someone else for his ineffective methods. How could such a person even become a doctor?

In one glance, Peter knew that Grace's current condition was caused by the quack doctor's false diagnosis.

An hour later, the ward remained still and there seemed to be no signs of Peter coming out anytime soon.

James' visitors had no choice but to keep waiting despite t

inted inside to invite them to see Grace for themselves. They must had thought that the treatments he did weren't successful and that he invited them to say goodbye to Grace, themselves.

Hearing Doctor Wu's accusations, the policemen started to approach Peter.

"Arrest the quack!" James finally commanded. "This person is unqualified to be a doctor! Bring him in to have his crimes investigated!"

The policemen started to rush towards Peter in response to the mayor's direct orders.

Doctor Wu jumped with joy. "Look at you now, you arrogant fool! How dare you accuse me of being a quack and a scammer! You can't use me as an excuse for your failure! What do you have to say about yourself now, huh?"

"Wait! You have it all wrong!" Peter cried.

The policemen ignored his protests and proceeded to cuff him.

"Wait, what's wrong with you?" James interrupted, "Why are you arresting him?"

He clearly wanted them to arrest the quack doctor. Why were these idiots arresting Peter?

Confused, one policeman asked, "We're arresting the quack doctor, Peter Wang? Wasn't the instruction that you wanted us to do?"

"No!" James replied angrily. "How could Peter be a quack doctor? He just have cured Grace!" "Arrest Doctor Wu, you idiots! He's the quack doctor!"

Realizing their mistake, the policemen quickly turned to Doctor Wu and proceeded with the arrest.

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