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   Chapter 43 Being Despicable Is Being Unbeatable

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6790

Updated: 2019-01-09 00:05

"Daaaad! It's for you!" Peter woke up from his ringtone abruptly, ending his dream. 'This sucks!' was the first thought in his head.

"Who is this?" Peter answered impatiently.

"Peter, my mom is very ill. Please come to the hospital and treat her. NOW!" The anxious voice from the other end of the line immediately sobered Peter up.

Not bothering to change or shower, Peter rushed to the hospital.

The girl who called was Audrey. He couldn't understand why Grace's illness was still recurrent even after he had treated her several times. The treatments should have been enough to cure her totally.

Peter pushed his thoughts aside. They wouldn't help for now. The most important thing was that he got to see Grace as soon as possible.

"There you are. Go to my mom, now!" Audrey said, greeting Peter immediately at the hospital entrance. Her eyes were red and swollen. It looked like she had been crying.

"What happened?" Peter asked as they were running towards the ward.

"Yesterday, my auntie visited, bringing along a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. She suggested that mom would get treatment from that person, and my mom felt too shy to say no.

The person did acupuncture on mom several times. We didn't pay much attention to it because it seemed harmless; but today, her illness seems to have gotten worse!"

Audrey narrated.

Finally arriving at the floor of Grace's ward, They navigated through a crowd, all looking anxious. It was impossible to tell if they were sincere or not.

Accompanying James were a man and a woman. He was clearly in a bad mood, but he maintained a respectful demeanor.

"Dad, Peter is here, " Audrey told James loudly as they approached.

James walked towards Peter. "You're finally here!" he said, relieved. "We're all counting on you. Please save Grace."

"Let me see her first." Peter rushed towards the ward, wasting no time.

Vicky, the woman beside James stopped him abruptly. "James, who is he? My sister is being treated by Doctor Wu and Direct

, " Peter replied.

"Doctor Wu, this is the quack doctor who gave the wrong treatments to my sister! He's the reason why she's very sick now. I'll call the police and have him arrested!" Audrey's aunt took out her phone and started to dial.

Doctor Wu's grasp at Peter grew tighter when he heard Vicky's words. "You! If it weren't for you, we would have cured Mrs. Xie! I will not allow you to do any more harm!"

"You old bastard!" Peter screamed, fed up with all the false accusations. "You're the quack doctor here! Everything you did was wrong, and that's the reason why Mrs. Xie is in the worst situation now. You're despicable! Shame on you! Get out of my way!"

"How dare you! You can't talk to me like that!" Mr. Wu was infuriated. "Even I can't cure her, what can you do..."

"So what now?" Peter boomed. "If you can cure her, be my guest. If not, don't waste my time. Every second counts and the longer we take fighting, the fewer chances we have for saving Mrs. Xie, "

Peter said, shoving Mr. Wu aside and entering the ward. "Do not let anybody disturb me in the next two hours!" he told James as he was rushing in.

Doctor Wu followed, wanting to fight Peter, but James closed the door before him, guarding it with cold finality.

Doctor Wu couldn't be angrier. "What the hell are you doing? You trust this guy more than me?"

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