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   Chapter 42 Don’t Provoke Her

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6630

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A woman of indescribable beauty appeared before him, But at the moment, Peter could not appreciate the sight of her. 'This is too strange, why is this crazy woman here?'

He felt relieved that, at least, she wasn't armed.

Brandon noticed Peter's face going pale and followed the direction of where he was looking. It looked like he saw a ghost!

"Do you know that crazy woman?" Peter asked.

"Crazy woman?" Brandon jumped in surprise. "Keep it down and don't let her hear us, otherwise we're dead meat!"

"We'd better get out of here! Hurry! Don't say I didn't warn you: do not provoke her!"

After saying that, Brandon left like a mouse that caught sight of a cat.

Peter decided it was best not to ask any more questions. He pulled Bella to leave as well.

He knew it would be a bad idea to stay longer when he saw the woman. It was just too dangerous! Who knew what she'd do next? What if she suddenly decided to shoot him again!

Realizing that something was wrong, Bella also looked at the beautiful woman and wordlessly allowed Peter to pull her away.

She was startled!

Who was that? Even Bella felt jealous when she saw her. Even tough guy Brandon, who didn't give a shit about Felix, was scared of her!

"Who the hell is that woman? Do you know her?" Peter asked after they left the hotel. He was very curious about her identity.

"I only know that she's the current police chief of Golden City Police, but that's about everything I know about her."

"I also know that she's a person you do not want to mess with, so don't try her!" "Peter, I'm telling you, do not provoke her! We'll both die if you do!'

Brandon said once again.

"Police chief?" Peter couldn't believe it. "That can't be true! How can such a person be the police chief? The city will be in chaos!"

Peter was very confused. 'A woman that took out a gun on a whim is the police chief? This cannot end well.'

He felt very worried about the security of Golden City.


e beat up so many strong men?

Alfred went into a fit in the hospital upon hearing the news, breaking everything in his way.

It was common knowledge in the Golden City that Alfred and Bella were once engaged. It felt like a huge slap in the face when he found out that Bella was flaunting her new security guard lover all over the city.

Now, Alfred was known as the loser — the city elite's most famous cuckold.

"Just you wait, Peter Wang and Bella Song. I am going to kill you both! I won't stop until you're both dead!" His resentful words echoed throughout the whole hospital ward.

"Mr. Gao, it seems you need some help." Three young men entered.

"Fuck off!" he shouted at his unexpected guests. ?'Not even knocking? Who the fuck are these assholes?' Realizing who they were, he stopped abruptly.

He knew these men.

One was Frank, and next to him was Felix.

Both of them were respectfully tailing an obviously powerful young man. He stood tall and walked with his chin up, proud as a king.

"Who are you? If you've come to remind me of what a loser I am, please leave, " Alfred said, trying to control his anger.

"It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is that we have a common enemy, " the young man said, looking at Alfred.

"Peter Wang?" Alfred asked, grinding his teeth with fury.

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