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   Chapter 41 Brandon The Tough Guy

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7246

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Felix's face felt hot as if he'd been slapped severely.

Not only did he fail to do what was asked of him, he also made such a big fool of himself in front of the Golden City's elites.

He would have felt better losing to him if Peter had a prominent status; instead, he was a useless security guard who happened to have an influential girlfriend. Losing to him in a fight was extremely embarrassing.

"You're a tough guy, aren't you? Boys! Get him!" Felix was so angry that he didn't even bother containing it. With no restraint, he waved and ordered his men to take Peter on.

In an attempt to save face in the eyes of Golden City's celebrities, he was determined to defeat Peter no matter what.

Following Felix's orders, four men in suits jumped out of the crowd and rushed towards Peter.

They all looked like experienced fighters. Their reflexes were fast and their forms were on point even in a messy skirmish — a result that only extensive training could bring.

"Who dares to hurt my brother?" Just as they were about to charge and as Peter prepared to fight, a loud voice echoed through the hall

Along with a loud slam and a rush of people coming in.

"Hey! I'm standing right here!" the man said kicking over a table. "I want to see who dares to touch my brother!" The man strode towards them, standing tall and proud. He had an air of superiority that was hard not to notice.

Everyone looked at him puzzled.

Despite his authoritative demeanor, no one knew who he was. It was only by the way that he spoke did they concur that he must be someone of influence.

Peter felt very curious at his unexpected appearance.

Felix looked at him intently. Clearly, he knew who the man was, and he was not pleased.

Frank was looking forward to seeing Peter down and defeated. He was eager to get his revenge through his four bodyguards. What happened next was truly unexpected.

"Who are you? How dare you talk to Felix like that! Do you want to die?" he shouted at the man. 'Who does this stranger think he is?' he thought to himself.

He was clearly a nobody since no one in this party seemed to know him. Frank knew every influential p

ndon Chu was such a big help, and it would have been rude not to answer.

"Peter Wang! That's a good name!" Brandon exclaimed, making the people around him even more puzzled than they already were.

Peter rolled his eyes and thought, 'Is this fellow laughing at his name?'

"Peter, who is this beautiful lady? Aren't you going to introduce me?" Just as Peter was already considering to slap Brandon Chu, Bella walked over with a big smile across her face.

She saw what happened. In truth, Bella was in panic when she saw Felix appeared.

She was fully aware of Felix's reputation and she knew that it was a bad idea to offend him.

All the while, she was trying to think of how she could help Peter. It was lucky that Brandon Chu appeared.

His strong entrance shocked her, but even more so, Peter was associated with such a powerful personality.

"You must be my brother's girlfriend. I've heard many rumors about your beauty, and now I see that they were all true. I'm Brandon Chu, Peter's brother."

Brandon Chu said, greeting Bella with a big, warm smile.

"It's amazing how my security guard brother landed a girl like you, " he added.

'Why is this guy so friendly?' Peter thought.

"Hi, Brandon. It's great to meet you." Bella replied with a giggle and sat down with both of them.

As Peter sat, he felt someone's cold glare, not far away from him. Turning his head, he saw who it was. He broke into cold sweat.

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