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   Chapter 40 Felix Yang

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6056

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"Are you crazy?" Peter screamed as he charged towards the girl like a cheetah.

Moving was difficult after all the food he ate, but the adrenaline of having a gun pointed to his head got the better of him.

Surprised by his sudden move, the girl attempted to pull the trigger, But Peter was too fast. Before she could do anything, he used his hand to slash the weapon out of her by hitting her wrist.


Before she knew it, the gun fell to the ground. On reflex, she backed up quickly and lifted her knee, throwing Peter a kick!

"You're insane!" Peter said angrily as he deflected the woman's kick and counterattacked with a strong shove.

Unable to avoid it, she fell to the sofa, infuriated.

As she was about to push herself up, she heard a slam and a burning pain swept through her body.

In a flash, Peter disappeared.

"Asshole!" she cursed, and then she saw a bright flash of light.

"Woah! Who is that guy beating up that beautiful woman?"

"I can't believe he hit the director! My goodness!"

"This world is crazy!"

Onlookers were dumbfounded with what they saw.

Indifferent to their reactions, Peter slapped the woman and immediately made his escape.

He'd be dead if he stayed longer.

He wasn't a fool. That was no ordinary woman. She fought too well and it was clear that she was known to the people at the party.

He didn't want any more trouble, and he didn't want to get Bella into trouble simply by being associated with him.

Before he reached the exit, a group of young men arrived, catching the attention of the people at the party.

The young men had an air of arrogance. Clearly, they were of strong influence and possibly from a prominent background.

The guy at the center was about 1.8 meters tall. He wore a white sleek suit and was extremely h

ight, I've had enough." Felix Yang's eyes darkened. "Kill him!"

At his leader's command, a tall and muscular goon behind him charged at Peter.

The bodyguard, without any hesitation, slammed toward Peter, eyes full of disdain.

His arm was large as an adult's calf, and his fist was as heavy as an iron ball. Everyone held their breath while some closed their eyes. They couldn't bear to watch.

Wasting no time, Peter balled up his own fist and threw it at the beast in front of him.


The sound of wind resounded as his fist hit the bodyguard's directly.

'This guy is clearly insane, '

Everyone thought.


A crisp sound of a broken bone echoed in the room.

Frank laughed hysterically. "You idiot! Mr. Yang's bodyguard is a soldier from the special forces! You're nothing but a security guard, you're no match for him! See, now your arm is broken!"

"Ahhhhhh!" someone screamed.

"You deserve it!" Frank said in triumph before he turned pale with what unfolded in front of him. He was stunned as if he saw a ghost.

The big burly bodyguard fell to the ground clutching at his arm, filling the room with an ear-splitting cry of pain.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

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