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   Chapter 39 A Beautiful Fighter

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6064

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"Boyfriend? Are you kidding? He's just a fucking security guard!" Frank yelled. 'What the fuck? I can't believe this! This security guard bagged Bella Song? That's so unfair!'

Frank felt furious and jealous, as he was also interested in dating Bella!

Bella, however, lost her temper the moment she heard Frank looked down on Peter, and gave him a stinging slap.

"How dare you! Who do you think you are? So what if he's a security guard? I love him and that's none of your business! Besides, he's more of a man than you, you jerk!"

People were stunned with what Bella said. 'What a strong woman!'

Frank glared at her. "Fine! Alfred is going to hear about this!"

SLAP! Bella hit him squarely on the face again.

"Do not say that name in front of me!" she boomed.

Just the sound of his name made her so angry. Did Frank think that she was afraid of him? He couldn't underestimate her like that!

"You!" Frank was enraged. 'This woman can't humiliate me in front of all these people!'

"Do what you want and get out of my sight before I change my mind!" Bella said coldly.

Frank looked at Bella, then at Peter, and stormed off.

He'd surely be a laughing stock if he allowed himself to be pushed around by Bella in front of everyone, longer. He hated Bella and Peter so much and was determined to get his revenge.

The hall was silent.

Bella had always had an elusive reputation, but they didn't know she was so tough.

Beck was also stunned by what happened.

'What the fuck. How did this security guard land someone like Bella?' As with the other men in the room, he was filled with envy and confusion.

Phoebe was teary-eyed, overwhelmed with gratitude for what Peter did.

"Phoebe, let's go, " Beck said, grabbing her and leading her to the exit. Slap!

"Don't touch me!"

e wore a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans that fit tightly around her two long legs. Peter almost lost his mind.

The girl, on the other hand, looked at Peter, somewhat surprised at his quick reflexes.

"Are you insane? Why did you do that?" Peter yelled at her. If she weren't this beautiful, he would have already kicked her ass.

The girl frowned as she prepared to deliver another kick to Peter's head.

'Fuck, crazy bitch!'

Peter grabbed her leg the moment it swung toward him.

The force was so strong that it pushed him to step back.

'Oh, wow. She can fight!'

Peter didn't expect that! This was the first time Peter met someone who could fight like this in the Golden City.

Equally shocked, the girl didn't expect Peter to be a challenging opponent! Angrily, she swung with her right hand attempted to hit his head.

The punch was strong

And it hit him cleanly.

"You're insane!" Peter cursed, pushed the girl to the sofa, and started to walk away.

"I have to get away from this place!"

He thought, irritated at tonight's turn of events.

"Stop!" The girl lunged forward, stood in front of Peter, and held a gun to his head.

Peter's expression changed abruptly.

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