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   Chapter 36 Stay Calm

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7895

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"What are you all doing here? Don't you all have work?" A cold voice sliced through the commotion just as Jaden was fuming. Bella appeared with a still face catching everyone's attention.

The senior managers immediately bowed their heads and moved to both sides to make way for her.

Despite Bella's short stay in the company, she was already able to establish a strong reputation.

Apart from Jaden, no one dared to challenge Bella in Silverland Group, let alone offend or displease her.

Everyone knew of the rivalry between Jaden and Bella. Jaden still harbored ill feelings towards Bella especially after she landed her position as president. Jaden was the main candidate for the post had Bella not been transferred. There had been friction between them ever since.

"What's happening?" Bella demanded, walking to Jaden's side.

"I caught this security guard stealing confidential information from my computer. Miss Song, you need to decide what to do with him, on behalf of the company, "

Jaden advised dutifully, hiding his ulterior motifs. He knew Bella wanted to back Peter up, but he was determined to make the situation difficult for her, not as easy as she wished.

Bella didn't know what to do, cursing inwardly. He was speaking in front of everybody so she couldn't openly defend Peter.

She was sure that if she did that in front of her managers, news of her bias would reach the directors in less than 10 minutes and her position as president would be in jeopardy.

As Bella was trying to find the best way to go about the situation, four policemen suddenly came rushing in.

"Officers, thank God you're here. This man stole confidential information. Please arrest him and find out who he's working for!" Jaden immediately requested, grabbing the opportunity to have Peter detained.

Silverland Group was known as the biggest financial group in the Golden City. The police would surely prioritize this issue and immediately jump at Peter.

But as they came closer, they recognized him right away. "Mr. Wang, is that you?"

The officer-in-charge was Richard Xing, Director of the Southern Regional Bureau. He didn't expect that the spy Jaden reported would turn out to be Peter.

"Mr. Xing, you came right on time. I need your help to prove my innocence, " Peter told Richard calmly.

"Innocence? What else is there to p

or. It seemed that Jaden had strings that he wasn't aware of.

Back in the President's Office

"You can no longer work at the Security Department. From now on, you'll be transferred to the Logistics Department as my driver. Lisa and Shelly have been performing excellently, so we're going to have them trained to be transferred to the Sales Department, " Bella said, looking at Peter.

The Security Department was managed by Jaden. 80% of the staff there were loyal to him. After what happened that day, Bella was sure that it would be difficult for Peter to integrate himself with the team, so Bella had him transferred.

Peter was against the decision on his new assignment at first, but when he learned that Lisa and Shelly were also going to be transferred, he decided that he also did not intend to stay anymore and finally agreed to the transfer as well. "Can I get a raise?" he couldn't help but ask.

"Yes, you may." Bella nodded.

"Are there many beautiful girls in my new assignment?" he asked.

"Yes, there are, " Bella said, starting to feel irritated.

"Will I be able to touch their thighs?" Peter asked excitedly.

"Go away!" Bella snapped. He was unbearable!

'The son of a bitch is so difficult to change. You give him a hand, he takes an arm.'

Peter arrived at the Logistics Department and found that all the other drivers had gone out to work. He felt bored being all by himself.

As his duty was about to end, he received a text message.

"Don't leave after work. Wait for me at the basement parking."

Peter smiled with glee.

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