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   Chapter 35 False Evidence And Incrimination

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6616

Updated: 2019-01-04 12:15

Peter asked the cab driver to pull over and sent Brandon in a hospital for treatment before heading straight home.

Shelly approached Peter anxiously the moment he arrived at work the next day. "Oh, Peter, something bad happened. Mr. Zhang came back and asked to see you in his office!"

"Mr. Zhang? Who is he? I don't think I've met him before, " Peter asked, confused.

"Mr. Zhang, whose full name is Jaden Zhang, has worked in our company for a dozen years. He is one of Miss Song's subordinates, but Miss Song won't offend him if not necessary. There are also rumors that he has been supporting Bob."

Shelly whispered quickly.

"He's supporting Bob?" 'This can't be good, ' Peter thought. He would have preferred to decline the meeting, but he knew he had no choice.

He was about to knock when a woman with a voluptuous figure opened the door for him.

"You must be Peter Wang. Mr. Zhang is in a meeting now. Please come in and wait for a moment, " the woman said, giving Peter a subtle but provocative glance.

Peter didn't know what to make of it. 'Is this woman trying to flirt with me at first sight? Am I even that attractive?'

If he weren't in a professional setting, he would have flirted back.

"Thanks, " Peter replied politely as he entered. The woman handed Peter a glass of water before walking out of the office.

Peter was pleasantly surprised. He almost suspected that the woman would seduce him and then accuse him of indecent assault. Apparently, he was wrong.

"Oh god, come on baby..."

Suddenly, a strange voice coming from Jaden's personal computer got Peter's attention.

Confused, Peter walked over to check what was on the computer screen.

His face turned bright red when he caught a glimpse of what was happening.

Jaden Zhang, one of the company's most prominent leaders, was watching pornographic materials in the office! What a pervert! No wonder his secretary acted like a slut.

Peter couldn't take his eyes off t

i, you were the one who hired this security guard, am I right? And now you are defending him. Are you sure you're not hiding something?"

Jaden replied suspiciously, putting some of the blame on her.

Elaine went pale. Suddenly she feared for her career as well, almost losing her balance.

She did not want to be labeled as an accomplice to the crime.

Jaden's words also elicited suspicion from the other members of the leadership team. They looked at Elaine distrustfully, making her feel very uncomfortable.

Seeing what Jaden did to Elaine, Peter spoke up, "Mr. Zhang, how could you just randomly accuse people of such things? I'm fine with you incriminating me, but you don't have to involve other people."

"What did you say? Are you saying that my claims have no grounds?" Jaden was furious. 'This bastard is antagonizing me! I will not let him get away with this!'

"You know what happened today, Mr. Zhang. We both know what happened and we both know there are no pieces of evidence to back up your claims, " Peter said calmly.

"Why, you—"

Jaden got even more infuriated with Peter's calmness. How could he be so composed? He should be worried and sick by now especially with what was coming next! Jaden didn't expect Peter to be so collected, and he didn't like what was happening at all.

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