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   Chapter 34 Trampling Him To Death

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8111

Updated: 2019-01-04 00:05

"Kill him! Kill him!"

Giving up his gentlemen facade, Alfred yelled.

As soon as he barked out his command, the two girls behind him each took out a silver revolver, suddenly aiming at Peter and firing, not leaving Peter even a second to react.

It was the first time that Peter had lost his calm. He moved so fast that his figure flickered, fury burning inside him.

It was out of his expectations that Alfred's assistants had guns, and their shooting was ruthless and resolute. 'They are fucking killing me!'

"Bang-bang! Bang-bang!" Four gunshots resounded, but the bullets hit nothing.

Opening their eyes in amazement, looking around, the two girls couldn't believe that Peter had disappeared.

"Where is he?" Alfred shrieked. He wasn't a fool to believe that bullets could make a man's body vanish.

"Here I am." A voice called out over their heads. Alfred looked up, only to find Peter plunging down with his arms stretched like a hovering bird.

Alfred panicked. "Kill..."

Before he could finish his sentence, he toppled to the ground as Peter gave him a slap.

The two girls came to themselves eventually. Guns were raised again at Peter but fell off from their hands. They cried out because their wrists were hurt.

"I don't hurt women, but you two are bad, " staring at the two girls, Peter said to them bitterly. Then, he reached out his hand and gave them hard slaps.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

After a few loud sounds, the two girls laid down on the ground ashamed and angry, covering their burning buttocks with their palms, unable to stand up.

Peter kicked away the guns. He smiled at Alfred and said, "Hey, what now? Is that all you've got?"

Alfred touched his face and stood up. With his bloodthirsty eyes glaring at Peter, he said, "Peter, I'll remember this slap. You'll pay 100 times for this."

'The boy still doesn't understand who has the upper hand here.'

Peter curled his lips and gave him another slap.

Both sides of Alfred's face were swollen as he spat out blood with a few of his teeth mixed in. The slap made him whirl three times around before falling to the ground.

Stepping forward, Peter trampled on his face and said in contempt. "You think you have any chance against me? Now, do you believe that I can kill you today if I want to?"

"Ha-ha-ha!" Alfred burst into laughter. "Could you? I dare you to kill me. I'm part of the Gao family, a renowned entrepren

people want to associate themselves with me, not only in Golden City, but also in the whole province. And I never give them an ounce of my attention.

Today, I'm taking the initiative to show kindness, but I'm being refused!' Frustration and confusion swept Brandon at the same time.

'But he saved me, so I'll just let it go.' The only thing he could do was to remember Peter's face and look for a chance to return the favor in the future.

The acupuncture was completed soon enough. Peter looked at Brandon and asked, "Do you have any money?"

"Yes, but only a few thousand. I can transfer money through my cards." Brandon was a bit ashamed to answer because usually he didn't bring much cash. A few thousand was not enough for the favor for sure.

"Forget transferring the money. I don't want them. Give your cash to the driver. After all, he's still saving you while you're staining his cab. He might even get in trouble for doing this, " Peter said.

Upon hearing this, the driver almost shed tears of gratitude.

Brandon understood what Peter had meant. He asked the driver for his account number, transferring 50, 000 to him, and then pacified him, "Don't worry, bro. I can guarantee that no one will go after you because of what you did."

Admiration to Peter arose in his mind at the same time. 'This guy saved me, but he's asking for a reward for someone else. I seldom see such a guy.'

He didn't know that Peter was already regretful upon hearing 50, 000 bucks. 'Holy shit! If I had known you were so rich, I would've asked for some. But what's said is said. I can't change anything now.'

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