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   Chapter 32 An Intense Battle

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7947

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Seeing the look on Audrey's face, Peter knew that she did not have enough money. He could not help but think to himself, 'Why did she come here with no money? What a silly girl!'

Peter glanced over the bill. Suddenly, his jaw dropped open. The sight made him want to collapse right then and there.

'Holy shit! There must be something wrong! We only drank a little, but it already costed us $830, 000! That's just too exorbitant!'

Peter wanted to tear down the restaurant. However, he could not. He had bragged to her classmates, so he had to bear the consequences.

After all, men had to reap what they had sown. This was what he had to pay for his whole night of bragging.

At that time, the voice of the restaurant manager came, "$830, 000 in total. Will you pay by credit card or by cash?"

The manager said that with no respect, nor patience. It appeared as though he was looking down on Peter.

'How dare you, a poor guy, fight against Mr. Gao. What a joke! If you fail to pay the bill, you will never be able to leave Alfred Club. You and the two little beauties beside will never leave this place!'

Peter glowered at the manager and shouted at him, "Are you an idiot? How is it possible to bring bills worth thousands on hand? Of course, I'll pay by card! I don't understand how an idiot like you is a manager."

Peter was furious, but he handed his card over, saying to Audrey's classmates, "Well, it isn't that expensive. It costs only $830, 000."

Now that he had bragged so much and the bill had to be paid, he was determined to keep the facade and act like a wealthy man.

The manager didn't expect Peter's words. His mind went blank suddenly. He couldn't find the words to retort him.

Looking at the black and dirty bank card that Peter handed over, he thought to himself, 'This rascal just gave me a card to act like he has the money. If the balance is not sufficient to pay the bill, he will be doomed.'

If Peter had only known what the manager was thinking about, he would surely spit on the latter. Several days ago, Alfred had transferred a million into Peter's bank card, so the balance of that card was for sure sufficient.

The cashier soon inserted the bank card into the credit card terminal. Then, Peter had entered his pin and confirmed the payment.

Audrey's classmates were surprised at how rich Peter was, but Audrey was

nds to grab another two security guys and crashed their heads strongly against each other's.


Blood splattered everywhere.

The two security guys fainted to the ground with their heads bleeding heavily.

"Kill him!"

At that time, all of the henchmen with the long sticks shouted out and ran closer to Peter. They all seemed determined to kill Peter with no mercy.

Countless of sticks were waved in the air, making whooshing sounds. The scene was so frightening.

"I haven't had a good fight in so long. Today, I will fight with all my strength!" Peter felt no fear at all. He grinned, a gleam of happiness in his eyes, adrenaline rushing through his veins.


He stomped his right feet to the ground, making a huge crack. The marble ground looked like it had been heavily hit by a huge ax.

Peter jumped up with the force he gathered from the ground, and then he suddenly pounced onto the henchmen like a fierce tiger.

Peter's fists started to punch them, like bombs dropping from the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

One of the henchmen was punched, and he fell down immediately to the ground. His facial bones disfigured. He was not even able to sound out the pain he had felt.

Peter grabbed the man's long stick and suddenly swept it across and toward the henchmen. The long sticks slipped out from the henchmen's hands with clashing sounds to the ground.

He showed no mercy, hitting on each of the thugs with great strength.

Bam, bam, bam, bam! Four of the henchmen were hit on the head, collapsing to the ground with their foreheads bleeding.

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