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   Chapter 31 What A Showoff

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6908

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"Alfred Club? Pshh. I'm a member of the Passion Club! Let's go!" Peter couldn't help bragging in front of the students.

Even though the students weren't very convinced, they still followed his lead because of how he carried himself.

Audrey looked at him in disbelief. 'What a douchebag, ' she thought.

"Sir, please show me your card." The security guard requested.

No one believed that someone who looked like Peter could afford a membership to the prestigious club.

"Here you go." Peter handed his card to the security guard. The officer took his flashlight and inspected it carefully. His face changed when he finally deciphered what it was.

"I'm sorry, sir. This is Alfred Club, not Bayang Beauty Club." The security guard said coldly, almost losing his temper. 'What a foo! Did he think he can fool me with a beauty card?'

"Oh, sorry…" Peter was so embarrassed. He glanced at Audrey. 'Is she doing this on purpose to make me look stupid?'

Audrey was confused. When she realized what was happening, she quickly scrambled into her bag. "Oh, sorry! I made a mistake!"

She said, handing Peter another card. 'Oh, Peter, you douche. You're so full of yourself but you're nothing without my club card. You won't even be allowed in here if it weren't for me, ' she thought in secret.

The security guard finally allowed them in after seeing the correct card.

Audrey's classmates excitedly entered. With the free-flowing drinks and beautiful lights, they danced the night away and had the time of their lives.


At the club's balcony, Alfred received a message informing him about Peter's presence in the club. He was stunned for three minutes, and then he started laughing loudly.

'Oh, Peter, I've been looking for you everywhere. Who would have thought you'd walk right into my club? I was furious when my guys failed to kill you. Now that you're here, I'll be sure to get the job done, '

Alfred thought to himself. Earlier, he was told that his men failed to kill Peter, and were even caught by the authorities.

Going rogue,

she already told her classmates that he was her boyfriend.

'Okay, relax. Just hold it in, ' she told herself.

'I have to hold it in if I don't want to be bothered by Jared again, ' she thought.

Audrey's classmates started exchanging goodbyes at 12 o'clock midnight. They would have wanted to stay longer, but they had classes early the next day.

When their bill arrived, the amount shocked Audrey to the core. She couldn't believe her eyes!


$830, 000? This is too expensive!

Damn it! I wanna kill Peter!'

Audrey estimated the bill to be $20, 000-$30, 000. That, she could afford.

But the amount in the bill was just too much! Paying the bill would put her father on the headlines the very next day.

If people found out that his daughter spent that much money in one party, he would surely lose his job!

Her classmates were just as shocked when they saw the amount. They've never spent that much money in one night, their whole lives!

Regular people would need to work for ten or twenty years to even earn as much. Still, they were at ease knowing that Peter, one of the top managers of Silverland Group, could surely afford it.

Audrey knew the truth, though. Peter wasn't a manager, he was only a security guard. She trembled and wanted to cry.

'What should I do? If I get my father into trouble, I would never forgive myself!'

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