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   Chapter 30 What A Loser

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Peter subtly admired the glamorous girls. 'They're so beautiful, sexy and fashionable, ' he thought.

"Hey, Audrey, who is he? Aren't you going to introduce the guy to us?" A woman in a black summer top and tight skirt walked over smiling

As she looked at Peter. '180 cm tall, not bad. But… where did he get those clothes?' Peter watched her as she was clearly sizing him up.

Audrey was one of the most beautiful and sophisticated girls in the university. Several boys wanted to date her but all of them failed to catch her eye. It was a shock to Ada Wang that someone like Peter, who didn't even look successful, was the one clutching Audrey against his chest.

"Hey, Ada. This is Peter, my boyfriend," Audrey said.

Ada Wang was Audrey's roommate, and the boys and girls at the party were indeed her classmates. Audrey seldom attended such parties, but today, Ada Wang didn't take No for an answer.

Audrey preferred to lay low in her university, but her beauty inevitably turned so many heads. Not a lot of people knew about her prominent family background except several governors of the school.

Audrey came from a very powerful family. With her father being the city mayor, she was well-versed with politics and was skilled in equipped with excellent interpersonal skills. When she was told to go to Alfred Club that night, she knew that it was the agenda of one person: Jared Wang.

Jared Wang was known to come from a likewise rich and powerful family. He was extravagant in showing off his wealth, and he wanted Audrey really badly.

The whole time, Audrey was trying to devise a way to avoid Jared Wang at the party. When she saw Peter, the idea to have him pretend to be her boyfriend immediately dawned on her.

Although she hated Peter very much, she had to admit that he was a man of many abilities. He not only had medical prowess, but he was also a very skilled fighter. Despite being attacked by six guys that night, Peter ended up in the police station instead of the hospital.

With him, Audrey felt safe.

Hearing that Peter was Audrey's boyfriend, her classmates were stunned. They couldn't believe it. It felt unfair. Clearly, Audrey deserved someone better. If Audrey were a beautiful flower, Peter was a foul piece of dog poo. 'This is going to be interesting, ' they thought.

"Boyfriend?" Ada Wang repeated, stunned. She shuffled awkwardly before managing to force a smile. "Nice to meet you. I'm Ada Wang, Audrey's roommate," she said extending a hand.

"Nice to meet you too," Peter replied, shaking her hand. Right now, he was Audrey's boyfriend so he had to act appropriately.

Ada Wang was a little surprised. She expected Peter to be savage and unrefined. He looked uneducated, after all. Surely he would also be brash. Instead, he was acting like a polite, polished gentleman. He wasn't so bad, after all.

As they were talking, a dashing Maserati stopped at the driveway, turning the heads of the people at the party.

The door opened and a gentleman in his Versace and Rolex ensemble stepped out of the vehicle.

The people started to flock excitedly towards him when they realized who it was.

"It's Jared Wang!"

"Hey man, cool car! When did you buy it?"

"Wow, Jared. You look so handsome!"

Jared Wang basked at their compliments. He greeted his classmates and looked around trying to spot Audrey. His eyes lit up when he caught sight of her! Suddenly his eyes went to the guy she was with and his mood changed.

Everyone knew he hosted this party

for Audrey. He spent so much time and money planning this just to get her here.

He carefully selected his clothes and made sure he'd arrive in style with his Maserati. More importantly, he booked the finest club in the city for her!

'How could she have brought a guy here? He looks poor and terrible!'

What pissed him off more was how the guy held Audrey tightly at her waist, and Audrey didn't look a tiny bit annoyed! In fact, they seemed to be having a great time! They were very happy and intimate. They were definitely not just friends.

Jared Wang was very disappointed. He stormed at Audrey, losing his temper.

"Who is he?" he shouted at her. "This is our class party. Why did you bring a stranger here?" Jared Wang was young and impulsive. He didn't have the habit of thinking things through; he just said what he thought and did what he felt like doing. In this case, it was scolding Audrey.

Audrey stared at him blankly. "He's my boyfriend, and he goes where I go. I'm here at the party, so he's here too. We can leave now since I see we're not welcome here."

Actually, she really didn't like the party. Deep inside, she was so happy to finally have an excuse to leave. Audrey saw Jared Wang as someone who was childish and immature. Talking to him was boring.

"What? When did you have a boyfriend? Why didn't you tell me?" Jared Wang shouted at Audrey angrily.

Audrey was outraged. "I don't owe you anything, you brat! My relationship status is none of your business! Clearly, we're not welcome here and we're leaving right now!"

Audrey pulled Peter as she proceeded to walk out.

"Wait, no! Don't do that! Audrey, you just got here. Let's go to the club and have some fun, okay? Don't mind Jared, he's just angry. I'm sure he wants you to stay."

Ada Wang tried to mediate, winking at Jared Wang secretly.

"Audrey, these are your classmates. Don't be difficult," Peter said.

He didn't want tension between them. After all, Audrey saw them every day, it would be difficult for her if they didn't have a good relationship.

Ada Wang felt relieved that Peter was on their side.

Audrey stopped reluctantly.

However, Jared Wang started throwing a tantrum. "Shut up! She's the reason why I held this party in the first place, but now she has a boyfriend! Fuck this party! Go to the club and have your fucking fun! And you, fucking bitch, stop winking at me! Leave me alone!"

Jared Wang stormed off and climbed back at his Maserati before disappearing completely.

Peter was stunned.

'What a loser, ' Peter thought. 'No wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend.' Peter sighed, shaking his head.

Ada Wang turned red from embarrassment.

The people at the party didn't know what to do now that Jared Wang left.

But for Audrey, she felt so much better. Finally, he left!

"Aww, man, Jared left. We'd better go. We can't afford this place, anyway," the rest of the class said in disappointment.

They just lost their chance to have fun in the city's finest club. Jared Wang was their golden ticket here.

"No, it's okay! Stay! We can still have fun here!"

Audrey said, slipping the card into Peter's hand secretly.

"Yeah, I have a club card here! Let's all have fun, guys!" Peter said.

"Wow, really? That's amazing!"

"Don't lie to us! This is the Alfred Club, the finest club in the city! It's very difficult to get a card. The cheapest one costs three hundred thousand dollars!"

The classmates couldn't believe Peter could even afford a card at all.

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