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   Chapter 29 Like A Toad Dreaming About Eating Swan Meat

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6673

Updated: 2019-01-01 11:24

Peter soon arrived at his destination, but continued to provoke the men running after him."You idiots! I am home, come in if you dare to. Come! Come!"

Their loud breaths and heavy steps echoed through the night air.

Their struggle was very visible.

They were so mad at Peter that they had no time to notice where they were.

"Kill him!" Twenty people with their knives and guns, charged at the command of their leader.

They were about to finally catch up to him when a loud sound stupefied them all.

Suddenly, dozens of policemen appeared, the black muzzles of their guns pointed at them. There were so many of them that there was no way to flee.

The twenty men looked at each other realizing the amount of trouble they were in. All this time, they've been chasing Peter on his way to the place station!

The policemen were fuming with anger. How dare these troublemakers chase this man down with illegal weapons right to their station! Was this a joke?

This was absolutely insulting!

They would not tolerate this mockery!

Peter laughed loudly.

"You... you tricked us!" The gang leader yelled in rage.

"Shut up!" The policemen were red with anger. "Arrest these troublemakers and put them behind bars! Arrest all of them!"

"Yes, sir!" The officers rushed at the hoodlums at their chief's direct orders.

"Hey, buddy, I'm a victim! I'm innocent! I came here so I could seek your help." Peter pleaded at the two policemen who proceeded to arrest him.


The two police officers were offended. 'How dare he call us in such a casual way? He should call us Sir, ' the policemen thought.

The head of the police force glared at Peter. "Get him too! He might be one of them. We'll investigate them together!"

"Wait!" Peter quickly took out his phone. "I'm calling Richard Xing! I'll report what you're doing to me!"

Richard Xing?

The two young policemen froze at the mention of their Director.

"You know our director?"

One of the police of

gently. Her touch sent shivers up Peter's spine.

"Audrey, what's wrong with you?" Peter was puzzled since Audrey always hated him. What was with her today?

Audrey stretched out her hand and covered his mouth. She smelled so good but her tone was firm. "Shut up! Go to the club with me and pretend you're my boyfriend."

"What? Why would I do that? I don't want to be your fake boyfriend, and I don't want to be your option."

'Why am I always the fake boyfriend? First, Bella's, and now Audrey's? When would I be anyone's real boyfriend?' he thought.

"You're like a toad dreaming about eating meat." Audrey said to him in disgust.


Peter suddenly pulled her in and kissed her ferociously.

"You!" Audrey was furious and was about to attack when Peter held a hand up against her. "People are watching. You don't wanna be seen hitting your fake boyfriend, now do you?"

Audrey stopped struggling, holding her anger in.

'A toad dreaming to eat swan meat, eh? Well, I'm sorry but I already ate. You have no right to be mad at me', Peter thought.

As they entered, Peter couldn't help but notice that the women were dressed more conservatively than most bars. Their figures were visible, but they were only mildly exposed. They also seemed to be very young, he assumed they were Audrey's classmates.

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