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   Chapter 28 The Chase Along Busy Streets

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7409

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Wang Village was well-known in the Golden City because of the fact that it accommodated hundreds and thousands of travelers from all over the world.

The prosperity of the village was obvious; but another thing was that it was known for the chaos. Four to five killings occurred every year, on average — possibly the sad side effect of its high diversity and population.

Peter had rent a courtyard here where twenty built men tried to ambush him.

Failing at their first attempt, they gathered together, determined to give it another shot.

In a cafe, two heads of staff sat opposite to each other, sipping coffee while waiting for their colleague.

The four main entrance gates of the village were monitored by their colleagues. As soon as Peter arrived, they would have information on those vital checkpoints.

"Matt, it's just eight o'clock and everyone would be busy. Should we get down to business the moment Peter shows up?"

Roman asked as he sipped his coffee. It was pretty late into the night but now wasn't the time to just come up and attack people with so many people around!


Quickly after Roman finished speaking, Matt knocked at his head and glared at him.

"You stupid fucker! Can't you use your brain? Have you heard of a thing called 'strategy', huh? Do you know what that is? Although we didn't finish school, it doesn't mean we're dumb, eh? We're masterminds, aren't we? The last thing we want is a lot of witnesses when we teach this guy a lesson!"

Roman nodded hard in full agreement. "Oh, oh, great idea, Matt! I agree very much! So uh… what's the game plan, let's hear it!"


Matt gave Roman another hit, shouting, "You stupid pig! You know how the saying goes, 'The divine message is only revealed to the worthy.'"

Roman stopped asking immediately.

Suddenly, Matt's phone beeped. The moment he picked it up, his eyes brightened at the sight of a message.

"The target has appeared! Let's go, and I'll teach you a lesson today about strategy." Matt said excitedly, walking out with a plastic bag in his hand.

As Roman tried to follow, he was stopped by the waiter. "Hi sir, I believe you haven't billed out."

"Oh, I thought my companion pai

ink the people in this village would just do as you say?"

He provoked.

The people around him couldn't help but laugh in agreement.

Matt grew angrier.

The smile was wiped off from Peter's face when he realized his predicament.

In front of him were dozens of people holding black plastic bags in their left hands. Slowly reaching into the bags as he approached, They took out their own black metal guns.

"Oh my god." Startled, he started to run towards a different direction.

The group followed.

Peter changed his direction every few minutes in hope of losing his pursuers which, from two, Now grew to twenty armed men.

Their knives and guns reflected the village lights and the silver moonlight.

The people in the streets were dumbstruck. Rumbles were things that you'd normally see in movies when one person crossed gangs! Who would have thought you'd see it in real life?

"What kind of robbers are you? Do you have to be that many to successfully rob one guy? Have you eaten dinner? Why do you run so slowly? How do you even go on with your profession with conditioning as weak as that? You should all go home and rest! You need it!"

Peter mocked them as he evaded, swift as a rabbit.

The young men gasped for breath, furious after chasing after him along thirty streets.

Peter escaped unscathed out from the village speedily. A lot of people were able to take videos of the epic chase and shared it on their own social media channels.

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