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   Chapter 27 Lady Killers

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6683

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Elaine's mind went blank.

Peter ran to catch her the moment he saw her accidentally falling backward.

Elaine tried to move as she was tangled in Peter's arms, but he was too strong.

"Shouldn't you loosen your grip now?" She said, annoyed.

Peter loosened his grip at once. It was hard to tell if he was willing to let her go. He felt her soft body as she stood up.

Elaine glared at Peter. She couldn't decide whether she wanted to thank him or scold him, But she also knew it wasn't his fault. He was only trying to help. She couldn't find it in herself to thank him either because she felt like he touched her inappropriately. She was not an easy woman.

"Uh, Elaine, I think I'd better go. Sorry I can't stay for dinner." Peter stood up quickly and left in a flash.

As he was about to go out of the door, he looked back and said, "Don't worry, I'm not upset. I fully understand where you're coming from."

Elaine felt embarrassed by what she heard. Thinking on her feet, she grabbed the first thing she could from the sofa and threw it at Peter.

Peter caught immediately with his quick reflexes. "Elaine, if I failed to catch this, it would have been broken and you'd have had to buy another one. I will bring this with me and return it tomorrow to make sure it's safe."

He wasn't done talking when he realized what he was holding — a pink piece of lingerie.

Elaine realized that too. She couldn't believe she just threw him a piece of her underwear! This couldn't get more embarrassing! He was actually holding her dirty underwear and was going to return it at work!

Elaine was totally blushed for what just happened.

On the other side, Peter felt weird holding such a sensitive piece of garment, especially Elaine's. He couldn't help looking at the small piece of garment once in a while as he went on his way home.

After grabbing a bite, Peter went to the barbecue store to get his scooter.


Peter suddenly heard a cry as he was passing through a s

to be careful.

He had a feeling they'd be violent, but he didn't expect them to be skilled.

Peter tried to twist his body to set himself free. He made it with a spin kick though it seemed impossible.

After landing on the ground, he gathered all his might and threw a heavy slap at the three women in front of him.

Slap, slap, slap!

The three women fell to the ground and screamed from the pain.

It was unbearable.

Slap, slap!

He did the same thing to the other two and they ended up in the same way as their companions.

In an instant, all six women were beaten up — one leaning against the wall, and the other five lying on the ground. They were furious and embarrassed.

"You're lucky I'm rusty. If you met me a few years ago, you'd be dead by now."

"I don't care about what happened and who hired you. I just want you all to leave and I never want to see you again.

I'll let you go now, but if you dare attack me again, you'll get no mercy!"

Peter swore.

He sounded like a king with his authority.

The women trembled in fear.

Peter was gone the moment they were able to gather their senses.


'This is the third time you tried to kill me, Alfred, ' Peter muttered to himself, 'No more Mr. Nice Guy. It's time for me to fight back'. Peter rode his scooter, planning his revenge.

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