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   Chapter 25 Beating The Rascal

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"Get your hands off me!" Elaine screamed as she struggled, her face as pale as a piece of paper, her body shaking.

"I am not related to you any more. Whether I have a boy toy or not, it has nothing to do with you. I don't have one, but even if I do, what do you care?"


When the skinny, young man heard what Elaine had said, he glared at her and gave her a slap on the face, cussing, "Damn it, bitch! You're that itchy, huh? In just three days, you're already sleeping around? Tell me. Who is your boy toy? Where does he live? I'll chop his balls off!"

Elaine got slapped, and blood spilled instantly from the corner of her mouth, her creamy white face marked with several red fingerprints.

She covered her face with one hand, and tears came out in an instant. She stared at the man and shouted, "Mac Chen, you're a scumbag! You dare beat me? I'll kill you!"

Anger filled her, and she pounced desperately at Mac Chen, scratching at him wildly, her hands turning into claws.

"Oh, you have the guts to fight back? You got a temper now, huh?" Mac Chen was furious when Elaine was attacking him. He was about to slap her again when a seductive voice came, making him stop.

"Mac, honey, don't be so rude to the girl. She's our cash machine. What if you hurt her and we can't get the money? Let's think about business first. I'm waiting for you to buy me that bag. The shop may close soon."

The door of the white BMW car beside them opened, and a coquettish girl stepped out and walked to them while speaking in a coaxing voice, her buttocks swinging side to side. She was so bewitching that people on the street might not be able to move their eyes away from her.

"I'm here to rescue you, sweetie. Otherwise, your fair, tender face will turn as red as an apple. You don't have to thank me. Just give us one or two hundred thousand cash. Is that okay?"

The coquettish girl said very shamelessly, walking to Elaine's side with her slim waist and firm buttocks.

"Lily, why not stay in the car? What if you get a cold or a sunburn outside?"

Mac Chen's attitude toward Lily and toward Elaine were on different sides of the spectrum. After talking to Lily nicely and affectionately, he turned his head and glared at Elaine. "Did you hear her or not? Hurry up, and give me the money. One hundred thousand will do."

Elaine looked at the bitchy girl and the snotty man with anger and twisted her lips. "One hundred thousand? Do you really think I'm a cash machine? How much money have you taken from me over these years? Count it! You spent my money on a car for another girl and bought things for her. You're a total asshole!

You're no longer my boyfriend. Even if you were, I would still dump you! I'm telling you, the tuition that I owed you in college has already been paid off, and you and I are over. I won't give you any more money!"

Elaine shouted hysterically, regretting that she hadn't seen through the bastard before.

Mac Chen and Elaine were classmates back in college. In her eyes, Mac Chen was a man of both excellent character and outstanding academic performances, and he also had a good family background. Apart from looking ugly, everything else was almost perfect with him.

Mac Chen persistently courted Elaine for two years, and she finally agreed to be his girlfriend. Moreover, as the situation of Elaine's family was not quite good, Mac Chen paid most of her tuition and miscellaneous fees for her as her boyfriend, and he also had bought her a lot of learning materials.

At that time, Elaine naively thought that she had found her own Prince Charming. Every day, her face was filled with happy smiles.

But this didn't last long. After six months of being in a relationship with Mac Chen, things changed.

Mac Chen began to try all kinds of ways

to ask her to have sex with him. Elaine, a conservative girl, rejected his moves and told him that she would not have pre-marital sex.

Mac Chen repeatedly tried to persuade her but failed, so eventually he called for a prostitute. Unfortunately, he was caught and thrown into jail.

When Elaine learned about that, she was angry at his behavior, but she also felt guilty. She felt that her conservativeness caused him to suffer and fall low.

So, when Mac Chen first asked her for money two years ago, she did not refuse. But she made it clear that they were no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.

Although Mac Chen agreed to it at that time, his personality had changed for the worse after.

Elaine, a girl who couldn't fight such a rascal, could only put up with him again and again.

"No?" When Mac Chen heard Elaine's words, his look changed immediately, and he kicked her. "You fucking bitch! If it weren't for me, would you be able to finish your college degree and enjoy the good life today? If it weren't for you, bitch, I wouldn't have gotten arrested! Clearly, you need to learn your lesson!"

Such a big brawl, of course, caused a lot of people to gather around and watch them.

It was not the first time that the residents had seen Mac Chen. Although they resented his shameless behaviors, they dared not stand up to oppose him.

They were afraid of offending such a scoundrel for fear that they would not be safe for the rest of their lives.

Although skinny and young, Mac Chen was still a man, so he kicked with such a fast speed that Elaine might not be able to dodge it.

Looking at the indifferent faces around, Elaine could not stop her tears from gushing out. She didn't expect these people to help her out and beat Mac Chen, but as long as they could all reprimand Mac Chen together, he would not dare be so rampant.

When Mac Chen was about to kick Elaine, a fist suddenly appeared from nowhere, punching Mac. Before Mac Chen was able to kick Elaine, he had gotten hit in the face.


With blood spilling from his nose, Mac Chen fell to the ground like a broken kite, screaming tragically.

"Are you all right?" Peter looked at Elaine and felt a little worried. He could have stopped it earlier, but in order to find out what was happening, he waited and held back.

"Waah!" When Elaine saw the familiar face, she was stunned at first, and then she couldn't help but burst into tears in Peter's arms.

She was really tired of dealing with Mac Chen, who was a certified douchebag. How she wished there were a man who could stand beside her and protect her from being hurt!

"Peter, go away quickly, you can't fight..." Elaine only cried for a few seconds before she looked up rationally with a worried look in her eyes.

She was greatly touched that Peter had showed up and that he could help her out in such a crucial time, but she knew that Peter, as merely a security guard, could not fight Mac Chen at all. She didn't want Peter to get involved.

"Let me handle it." Just before Elaine finished speaking, Peter covered her mouth with his hand. The firm tone of voice made Elaine feel an unexpected peace of mind.

"Who the fuck are you? You dare to beat me? Damn it, bitch! You do have a boy toy. No wonder you're hiding from me all the time lately! You are dead meat! You dare beat me up. I'll kill you!"

Mac took a breath and jumped up, pointing at Peter and Elaine. Then, he began to cuss and yell. His vicious tone and beastly eyes made people around them shudder.

"Kill me?" Peter glared and bounced up suddenly. He looked extremely ferocious. "Who the fuck are you going to kill? Say that again!"

He said furiously, and his ferocious expression made him look like another man that seemed a hundred times more violent than Mac Chen.

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