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   Chapter 24 Elaine Was In Trouble

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6549

Updated: 2018-12-30 00:04

"Move in with me!" Bella said straightforwardly.

"Move in with you? Me?" Peter thought hard about it and was confused at her statement. "I don't think that is a good idea, " he continued.

"There's no need for you to think about it too much. I heard about what happened to you yesterday. It must be Alfred who has given you troubles. He is a jerk, but he has power and money. If you move in with me, you will be safer, "

Bella said.

She had asked Peter to come see her after she was informed of what had happened last night.

Bella knew Alfred well. She knew that he would get what he wanted by hook or by crook. Now that he was bent on making Peter suffer, he would not stop.

"If that's what you're worried about, then calm down. Miss Song, I don't take Alfred seriously. If he dares show his face to me, I will surely beat him up! Don't worry about me. But I am afraid that he will take his revenge on you, "

Peter said that proudly, feeling a bit moved by Bella's words. He did not expect that the moody devil cared about him.

"Is that so?" Bella pursed her lips and said scornfully, "Although you've cured James' wife, it is not possible for him to always do you favors without hesitation, or even have your back. Don't be that na?ve."

Bella apparently knew everything that had happened to Peter. If Alfred could investigate Peter, so could she.

Without any pause, Bella spoke again angrily, "And, you've experienced so much yesterday. Why didn't you call me for help? Do you hate me that much?"

Her words were more like a complaint. By her tone, it was like that Peter had betrayed her.

"No, of course not. The matter was solved anyway, so I did not want to bother you any more. And... I am not relying on Mr. Xie. I just don't care what Alfred is plotting against me, "

Peter said that in a tone with a tinge of innocence and depression.

This moody beauty had suddenly turned hostile and started to complain. Peter was

all him back.

Peter was overthinking because Bella did not ask for him the whole day.

Shelly and Lisa finally showed their smiles at Peter after he tried so hard to coax them.

Peter told to himself that women were all like that, moody and so difficult to flatter.

Peter got changed when it was time to get off work. He ran out of the door as fast as he could.

He wanted to follow Elaine to figure out what had happened to her.

Elaine got off work at six and took the metro home.

Peter followed her discreetly in a safe distance.

Elaine seemed absent-minded, worried, helpless, regretful, and miserable. Peter could see that she was in a troubled mood. He was sure that Elaine was going through a tricky situation.

About forty minutes later, Peter followed Elaine to a nice residential area.

When Elaine went near a building, she suddenly stopped and turned back in panic as if she had seen a ghost.

Startled, Peter dodged aside immediately to avoid getting seen by her. A man's voice erupted loudly, "You bitch, how dare you run away! Stop right now!"

An extremely lean man suddenly ran out and seized Elaine's arms. He pulled her back, scolding her, "You bitch, you can run, but you can't hide! You hadn't been home for several days. Tell me if you are cheating on me!"

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