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   Chapter 23 A Call By The President

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"Thanks for your concern, but I'm all right, " said Elaine, shaking her head.

She was a little touched by Peter's concern for her, but how could she count on a security guard? He could not help her, for sure. She didn't want Peter to get involved in her own business.

Elaine didn't tell Peter anything, no matter how much he pried. But he still wanted to know, so he had firmly decided that he would investigate what had happened to Elaine. Since she had offered him such a great help, he didn't want her to get hurt.

A lot of the male employees' jaws dropped when they saw Peter and Elaine walking into the company, talking and laughing.

It was the morning rush hour. When their colleagues entering into the company saw their dream girl walking shoulder to shoulder merrily with a security guard, their hearts broke into pieces.

"Peter, you're here. I have brought breakfast for you."

"Hey Peter, Lisa didn't do it sincerely. Look at the breakfast that I prepared for you. I made it on my own."

When Peter's colleagues saw the two beautiful ladies at the receptionist desk run toward Peter, each carrying a breakfast box for him, their hearts got broken, again.

Were security guards that popular these days? They were puzzled and embarrassed because they had no women in their lives.

Elaine was also stunned when she saw this scene. Somehow, she felt a little uncomfortable. She did not expect that such friendly behaviors between Peter and these two girls would foster in such a short period.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here? I have already had breakfast. Enjoy them yourselves, " Peter said as he chuckled, pushing the breakfast boxes back to them.

People standing by were jealous of Peter. How dared he? They really wanted to trample on Peter's annoying face.

"Oh, " Shelly and Lisa said dejectedly in unison and took their breakfast boxes back. It made them feel sad.

They thought that Peter didn't want to accept the food because Elaine was there.

In their minds, they also pondered on the fact that Peter was somebody who had connections with the mayor, so it was no surprise that he wasn't interested in them. Only women with high reputations such as Miss Dai were good enough for him.

Peter's act made Elaine feel good. 'Did Peter refuse their breakfast because he was afraid of making me unhappy? Yes, that must be the case. I knew it. He could not resist my charm.'

Fortunately, Peter had no idea what they were thinking about. Otherwise, he would be very depressed.

He already had his breakfast at the Xie family's house, so he refused the food that the girls were giving him. He didn't think of it too much.

"Lisa, smile a little, okay?"

"Poor Shelly, who had offended you and made you so unhappy early in the morning? Look at your gloomy face. Tell me about it. I promise I will shatter him into pieces!"

After changing into his uniform, Peter wandered around and then went to the receptionist desk to chat with Shelly and Lisa. Strangely, the girls were acting strange today. The both wore long faces and pouted. No matter what he said, they just ignored him.


Just as Peter was thinking about why they weren't talking to him, the elevator door opened and an ice-cold voice came out from the inside. "Peter, the president wants to see you!"

Peter looked over his shoulder and suddenly put on a wide grin. "Hey there! What does the president want from me, Miss Yang? Oh, by the way, if she's looking for me, why did she send you here? Where is she?"

Clair's face darkened. She really wanted to punch him to death.

Who did he think he was? The chairman? He wanted Miss Song to call him in person? How cheeky and arrogant!

"Miss Song said if you didn't show up in her office within one minute, then you would be fired!" Clair stepped into the elevator after she dropped a sentence dryly.

"What? Wait!" Peter was startled for a second. Then, he quickly responded as he dashed into the elevator. But it was too late. As he was just about to reach, the elevator had already closed, made a "ding" sound, and went upward.

"How dare you, Miss Yang! I will remember this. Don't ever let me see you again, " Peter said resentfully. He turned around and charged toward the stairs.

In the Secretariat Office, Clair had been wearing a triumphant expression ever since she got back to her office. 'I told you never to show off before me, you hypocrite! Wanna play

? Let's play then!'

When she got into the elevator, she had seen that the other elevator was at the 20th floor, and it was still going upward.

That was to say, Peter had no choice but to go up by climbing the stairs if he wanted to get to Miss Song's office within one minute, unless he didn't keep the president's words in mind.

However, could a small security guard challenge a president's authority? Moreover, she was none other than the well-known cold-blooded president.

Peter reached the 38th floor in only 41 seconds. Even though he was strong and energetic, he was still panting when he got there.

He cursed Clair in his mind all along the way, as well as the president.

He really didn't know what was wrong with this moody devil early in the morning and why she had asked for him. He was bewildered every time he faced this moody lady. She could be sweet one second and merciless the next. He didn't want to get fired only because of such a petty thing.

At the 53rd second of the one full minute, Peter showed up in front of Clair who was still in a daze. He looked over at her angrily and deliberately shot a glance at her voluptuous breasts before he snorted and strode toward the president's office.

Peter had walked away when Clair recovered from the surprise. "Asshole!" Clair snapped. She really burst into flames as she thought of the arrogant ways Peter looked at her. "Shame on you! Smelly rascal!"

In the President's Office

As usual, Bella was in a black suit, leaning against the black leather sofa like a lazy female cat.

Her hair was in an up-do, and her makeup was nice and exquisite, which would give people the feeling that she was elegant but distant. Her delicate feet in her black high-heels were placed casually on the coffee table. Clearly, she did not fear damaging her image at all. Her left hand was folded across her chest, while her right hand was slightly lifte with a cup of coffee in her fair and slender fingers. Slowly, she took a small sip and let the coffee cup linger around her sexy, voluminous lips, which would undoubtedly make countless of people crazy for her.

Peter really wanted to turn into that cup of coffee when he saw this.

"Who allowed you to come in? You didn't knock." She couldn't believe that someone had dared enter her office without knocking. She was really furious about it. But she cooled down a little bit when she saw that it was Peter.

"Oops! I'm was in such a hurry that I almost forgot." Quickly, Peter hurriedly explained, "You asked me to show up in your office within one minute, but unluckily the elevator was not on the ground floor at that time, so I had to climb the stairs to get here."

He checked the time as he said those words. "See, I reached your office at the 58th second, and when it came to the 60th second, I came in. I didn't have time to knock."

Since Peter was in a hurry, he didn't close the door when he entered the office, so their conversations were clearly overheard by Clair, who was standing outside the door.

All of a sudden, Clair's face took on a ghastly expression, and she began trembling.

She didn't expect that Peter would tell this to Miss Song. If the president would dwell on it, then she would get...

She didn't dare to think about it.

Even though she was Miss Song's top secretary, she was clear that she would not bat an eye lid if she really wants to fire Clair.

"Within a minute?" Bella was stunned, and a glimpse of coldness flashed in her eyes. "Did Clair tell you that?"

Holy shit!

He didn't realize that he had been fooled by Clair until Bella asked him those questions. He cursed Clair in his mind while he said, "Oh no, no, I must have heard it wrong. Never mind. What's the matter? What did you ask me here for?"

He closed the door of the president's office as he said that. When he pushed the door close, he didn't forget to shoot a nasty glare at Clair.

On the other hand, Clair felt relieved after making sure that Peter didn't rat her out. At this moment, she had no mood to care about Peter's nasty eyes, which looked like shards of glass, wanting to pierce her. All she thought was whether Miss Song would look into this matter and replace her with another person or even fire her.

Bella stretched her hands lazily like a fox, exposing her sexy curves completely. Then, her flaming lips moved slightly, following with words that made Peter's jaw drop.

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