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   Chapter 22 Meet Elaine Again

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8025

Updated: 2018-12-29 00:05

Inside Alfred Club, Alfred was so furious after receiving the phone call that he threw his phone onto the wall, shattering it into pieces. He did not expect that Peter would get away from his well-planned scheme.

He almost went nuts upon hearing that Captain Niu and the other policemen were being punished so hard and that they could even be sent to jail.

Captain Niu was not a very important person for him but still Alfred had used his money to give him the position of head of the police. Now, the captain's career was doomed, and Alfred did not want to reconcile with this fact.

"I never expected James to do right by Peter. What is the relationship between them? Peter is not just an ordinary security guy?"

Alfred was lost in his thoughts. If Peter was just a nobody, Alfred would chasten him without hesitation. But now that James was involved, he had to be careful about it.

Alfred had sent his underlings to figure out the relationship between Peter and James, and he also had them investigate Peter's background. He was waiting for the result of the investigation.

Alfred's other phone rang after one hour. He picked up the phone with a bleak look.

"I thought Peter had some connections with people in authority. It turned out that he had just been very lucky." Alfred hung up the phone coldly and dialed a number.

"Send more staff to wait for Peter at his apartment. I want him to disappear from the world tonight! Once things are done, arrange the staff involved to go abroad. That way, the murder won't be linked to me."

Apparently, Alfred was burning with rage with what had happened tonight. He wanted Peter to die at any cost.

The night had passed quietly, and

Peter woke up at 8 o'clock as usual. He put on his clothes and ran to the toilet. He ran so fast that he did not notice Grace greeting him.

Peter had just been in the toilet for ten seconds when Audrey, who was in her pajamas, also ran to the toilet. She ran so fast that she did not notice Grace trying to inform her of something.

"Oh my god!"

Grace was about to tell Audrey something, but a scream interrupted her.

'Something must be wrong. Audrey should be the one screaming. Why does it sound like Peter?'

Grace was confused.

Peter was taking his number one when the toilet door was opened brutally by someone. Peter screamed out, surprised.

He then looked at Audrey alert

he was keen enough to have found that there were some dust in Elaine's dress. He pointed that out and said, "Elaine, I saw dust on your dress and wanted to pat it away."

Elaine looked over to where Peter had pointed. There was indeed dust on her dress, but it was close to her thighs. It was nevertheless not suitable for a man to pat a female on the thigh.

Elaine blushed timidly. She felt a little bit disappointed that she had not charmed Peter.

On the other hand, Peter did not know what Elaine really thought about him. He had a special feeling for her and regarded her as his benefactor.

He could act like a jerk and flirt around with Shelly, Lisa, Bella, or Clair, but not Elaine.

"Peter, how was work yesterday in the company? Was everything okay with you? I didn't get any time to see you. I was too busy yesterday, " Elaine asked, hiding her feelings for him.

"Everything went well for me. Don't worry. I'm doing great. Elaine, why did you take the metro? Don't you own a car?" Peter could not figure out why Elaine who earned millions a year took the metro to work. She was just too low key.

Elaine was happy to hear Peter calling her by her name. However, she felt off with his questions.

"I sold my car. Forget about it. It has nothing to do with you. Just take care of yourself and work hard. If you get into any trouble, you can call me. I will support you in any way I can."

"I will. Thank you." Peter felt that Elaine became uncomfortable with his questions, so he asked, "Elaine, why did you sell your car? Tell me. I can do you a favor if you need me to."

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