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   Chapter 21 Hit Them To Death

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A few moments later, Shelly and Lisa were brought to the interrogation room where Peter was.

Upon seeing them, he felt relieved to know that they were okay.

Richard, the director of the police station wiped off the bead sweats that formed on his forehead. He stared at the three cops beside him and ordered, "Bring the other guys here. Right now!"

As the head of the police station, he had to act like he was on top of the whole situation, no matter what. But, deep inside, he wished that Peter had done something wrong.

Somehow, it seemed that the cops didn't hear his orders. They didn't make any move, only standing still in their spots.

"Didn't you hear me? Bring them here! Now!" Richard couldn't help but shout. He was so angry that his whole body trembled.

"Well... Uhm, sir, I have set them free..." Captain Niu gritted his teeth and answered. Then, he pointed at Shelly and Lisa and said,

"These girls are part-time prostitutes. They had intentionally seduced those guys, which made the guy that girls are with jealous. It was them who had made the incident happen. Since those guys were innocent, I set them free."

One could say that the captain was smart. He was able to make up a story on the spot. Although it was a shoddy excuse, it still made sense anyway.

"That's not true! I was wronged." Peter jumped up immediately, looking extremely aggrieved.

"You are all policemen! You represent the justice system! How can you treat me with prejudice? Fine, I can understand if you only do me wrong, but what about those two girls? How can you do that to them? They are girls with decent office jobs, yet you call them prostitutes and ruin their reputations. So, you're saying that they are prostitutes and that I fought with those guys because I was jealous? Do you have any evidence?"

"Evidence?" Captain Niu was stunned when he heard this. Suddenly, he laughed grimly and said, "Well, you said that you were merely trying to defend yourself. Do you have any evidence?"

He was not a fool. He knew that Peter didn't have any evidence, so he countered Peter with a question, too.

If he admitted that he had no evidence, then he would definitely lose this argument. He might even be put into jail.

Cops could not arrest anyone without any evidence.

Captain Niu flashed a hideous and mischievous smile at Peter. He believed that Peter didn't have any evidence, either.

"Yes, I do!" And with that answer, Captain Niu was greatly shocked.

Peter quickly took his phone out of his pocket and opened a video. He said, "This video is an evidence. You can watch the video. It can prove that I was wronged and that it was all self-defense."

The video helped bring the truth to light. It showed that the six guys had deliberately started the provocation and attacked Peter as a group. Then, Peter was taken into the interrogation room. The recording of the video only stopped when Audrey had called Peter earlier.

After finishing the video, Captain Niu and the other cops got so frightened that their faces went completely pale. They couldn't deny the truth any longer.

They couldn't understand how Peter was able to record the video under that chaotic circumstance.

However, when Captain Niu saw a big hole on Peter's shirt, he understood everything.

After finishing the video, the expressions on the faces of James, Richard, and Grace looked terrible.

Richard got so angry that he was visibly trembling. If James was unwilling to let the incident go, his official career might be done for.

"I have the video, and I also have the voice recording. How about we listen to it together?" Peter didn't wait for their responses and played the voice recording.

He was a nice person, but he wasn't an angel. If he had the chance, he would've beaten them up to death.

But he was recording the whole farce, so he couldn't do what he had wanted to. Otherwise, his effort to record everything would be in vain.

Upon hearing this, the three cops were shocked, frozen. But not long after, it seemed like they had remembered something because their faces showed that they were completely pissed off.

At first, they didn't understand why Peter had been screaming a lot when he was beating them up. But now, they understood everything.

After they finished sorting things out in the police station, Peter went out of it with the two girls. It was already half past eleven in the evening. Those three cops were going to get punished for sure, but Peter didn't care about them at all. He believed that their boss would never let them off.

Also, Peter had found out what James's status was. He was the mayor of Golden City, th

e second in command of the city!

"Peter, I'm sorry. I didn't expect that this sort of thing would happen. If I had called you earlier, I would never have let you suffer from that,"

Grace apologized to him even though she had nothing to do with the incident. However, her husband was the mayor of the city. She was afraid that Peter would hate them and refuse to treat her disease, and since

Peter was the only one capable of treating her disease, Grace needed him badly. So, she was worried that Peter wouldn't want to have anything to do with her.

Peter was smart. He knew what Grace was worried about. Therefore, he smiled at her and said, "Auntie, don't worry. You had nothing to do with what happened. Instead, I need to thank for your help. I wouldn't know how to deal with the situation if you hadn't showed up.

Speaking of this, Peter thought a bit and said, "Here is the thing. Auntie, I need to send these two girls home first. If it's convenient for you, I will go to your house later and treat your disease. But if it's not convenient for you, I will see you tomorrow, instead. What do you think?"

"It's okay. I'll wait for you at my home tonight!" Grace replied immediately, relieved. Meanwhile, she felt a little embarrassed since it seemed like she was rushing him.

James observed Peter's behaviors the whole time, and he felt greatly surprised by him. Generally speaking, if people would hear that he was a mayor, they would either become nervous or ask for a favor from him.

But Peter was different. He was shocked when he heard that James was a mayor. However, he didn't dwell too much on it. For him, James was just a common person, too.

Shelly and Lisa had gone through so many things tonight. Besides, there was a mayor beside them, so they got so nervous that they hid behind Peter and said nothing.

Deep inside, they adored Peter even more.

Peter was freaking awesome! He was not only good at fighting, but he also had connections with the mayor.

Maybe Peter was from a rich and powerful family! The reason why he was a security guard was because he wanted to experience living a normal person's life. That had to be the case!

These thoughts went running through the two girls' minds.

After Audrey went out of the police station, she stared at Peter coldly and said nothing.

'How disgusting! You promised to see my mom and treat her disease, but you completely forgot about it just because of two women!' Audrey cursed him deep inside.

When she saw the two women holding his arms on both sides, she hated him even more. For Audrey, Peter was a shameless rascal and a cheat!

After sending Shelly and Lisa home, Peter went to James's home and began his treatment on Grace.

It took about one hour for Peter to do the massage. When it was finished, it was almost one o'clock in the morning.

"Auntie, don't worry too much. Now that I have had a good understanding of your condition, your disease will be cured after three massage sessions. Okay. That's all for today. It's already too late. I shall go home now."

Wiping his sweat off, Peter told Grace.

"Yes, it's too late. You don't have to go home now. We have a spare room. You can stay here."

Grace tried to persuade Peter to stay. At that moment, she was feeling much better. She believed that Peter's massage was really helpful. Therefore, she was thankful for his help.

"Yes, you can stay here tonight. It's too late!" James echoed.

When Peter was giving the massage to Grace, he stood by and watched. He could see that Peter was really good at conducting the treatment. Since Grace was feeling much better and happier, James was also relieved.

In addition, the reason why James appreciated him was that Peter didn't seem too proud of himself even though he was really talented.

"Well... I don't think it's appropriate..." Peter took a look at Audrey who didn't look too happy.

Actually, he was already too tired to return home. He wanted to stay here tonight.

"What do you mean by inappropriate? It's too late, and I won't let you go home alone." Grace stared at Audrey and said, "What are you doing here? Go clean the room! Peter will stay here tonight."

Audrey opened her mouth wide. Obviously, she didn't expect that. However, when she saw the expression on her parents' faces, she said nothing and angrily marched to clean the room. She could do nothing but curse Peter silently.

Half an hour later, Peter ignored Audrey's fury, walked to the bedroom slowly, and had a good sleep.

When Audrey was about to warn Peter not to use the bathroom with no clothes, Peter shut the door and locked himself inside the bedroom.

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