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   Chapter 20 Extort Confessions

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Just as Peter got inside the interrogation room, he heard his phone rang.

As he took a look at his phone, he was suddenly reminded of his promise to treat the lady this evening.

"Peter, where are you? Why haven't you showed up, yet? Won't you come to treat my mom anymore?" Audrey asked the questions angrily.

"Uhm... I'm now at the police station, so I might not make it today..." Peter had not finished talking yet when the policeman came in and shouted at him, "You are not allowed to use your phone! Don't you know that you are a criminal now? Now, hang up!"

The man said that as he tried to grab Peter's phone.

Peter dodged the police's hit and said, "Oh, how could you beat people up? Sir, I'm the victim. I came here to assist you in your investigation. I'm not the suspect, nor a criminal. Even if I'm a criminal, I still have the right to call for an attorney to defend for me before any court decision would be made."

"Smartass!" The policeman burst into laughter, "You know how to hire an attorney? Give your phone to me. Otherwise, I will let you have a taste of what I can do. You want to hire an attorney. What a joke!"

"How can you act like this? Oh my god, what are you going to do with me?" Peter acted as if he was afraid. He made his voice tremble, saying, "Don't you know that there are CCTV cameras everywhere here? Sir, I bet that you don't want to be recorded extorting confessions."

As Peter said that, he hung up the phone call and pressed on the voice recording button.

He had to keep his phone on him because he wanted to call Bella for help when he would get the chance.

Peter had no other choice. He was in Golden City and he knew no one else, except Bella. If Bella would not help him, he would have to deal with the situation on his own.

"CCTV cameras? Hahaha!" The policeman teased when the door of the interrogation room was suddenly opened, and another three policemen came in.

"Have you shut off all the cameras?"

"Don't worry, Captain Niu. I have turned off all the cameras and the monitors in the control room. I've also sent our colleagues there home. Do what you want to do. No one would know what's happening here."

A policeman with small eyes and receding hairline said that with a big grin.

Apparently, it was not their first time to shut off the monitors. Who knew how many innocent people were wrongly accused here!

Peter was so furious at the moment. He was starting to get even more worried about the two ladies.

They did not have Peter by their side, so they would most likely own up to crimes they did not commit, under the extortion of the police.

"Kid, since you won't admit your crime, let me beat you up!" Captain Niu took out his baton and went toward Peter with a big grin on his face.

As he did so, he pressed a button on the baton, and sparks from it flew, making crackling noises.

The three other policemen all stood still with excited yet cold expressions on their faces. It seemed like they were used to seeing this scene.


Audrey heard the conversation in the phone. She thought for a while and told Grace, "Mom, that guy is in the police station. He was arrested!"

"Hmph!" Grace looked at James and said angrily, "Since when did the police have the right to prohibit others from hiring an attorney?"

James was also angry with what he had heard through the phone. It was like a slap on his face.

"I don't care about the details, but I want to know where he is now. I have to see him. I will let things go if Peter had really committed a crime. But if these people were doing him wrong, I will not forgive them!"

Grace said those words coldly. Although she seemed weak, her words stood a firm stance.

In the interrogation room

"Sir, you do know that you are violating the law, right?" Peter squinted as he said that.

"Violating the law? I am the law here!" Captain Niu laughed for a while, and suddenly, he stuck the baton to Peter.

With this, Peter became extremely angry. He quickly moved his hands to free them from the handcuffs. Then, he kicked the man.

The captain did not expect Peter to be able to free himself and fight

back so fast. In the next second, he felt a huge pain coming from his stomach. He had been kicked away, so he fell, making himself land on the three policemen.

The three policemen were only watching from the sidelines. They did not expect that Captain Niu would be kicked away and fall down on them. They did not have time to react before Niu's body landed on them.

"Ahhh!" At that time, Peter screamed out and stomped his right feet to give him energy. He dashed fiercely and quickly toward the four men like a tiger chasing its prey.

The four men did not know what was going to happen. Peter's scream had confused them since they were the ones who got hurt.

Peter positioned himself near them and punched them aggressively.


"Ouch, it hurts!"


"I did nothing wrong!"


"Oh my god, the policemen are hitting me!"

Peter screamed out every time he hit them with his fists. It sounded like he was the one getting severely hurt.

The four policemen almost burst into tears.

This was getting out of hand.

Peter beat the four men up for a while before stopping. He, then, took out his phone and was about to call Bella.

But he heard a voice from the outside, so he stopped dialing.

Then, he took some dust from the ground and smeared them on his face to make him look dirty. He also picked up the baton, turned it on, and stuck it to the hands of the captain.

The door of the interrogation room suddenly opened right after Peter did all that. A crowd of people rushed in with anger.

What James saw was that a policeman was poking Peter with the baton. That made him burst into flames!

His face was so bleak out of anger. If he had a gun, he might have shot those bastards.

Peter glanced at the people who barged in and saw Grace and Audrey. He was a little surprised, but he let out a cry of pain, and laid his body down to the ground.

Richard, the head policeman, was so afraid; he was sweating everywhere. He felt like he wanted to die right then and there.

These bastards were ruining his official career!

The four cops still had not come to their senses. However, they saw their leader standing behind James, with his head lowered. They figured that James must be somebody important.

They glowered at Peter and almost burst into tears.

This was too much!

"Sir, please help us out!"

"Sir, this guy would not confess to his crime. He even beat us!"

"Sir, we were wronged. What you're seeing is a set-up! He was the one who put the baton into my hand!"

They all begged for mercy, looking pitiful and scared. Everyone in that room was confused.

"So unfair!" Peter cried out weakly. Earlier, he had put on the handcuffs discreetly. Now, he held his hands up and said,

"I was in handcuffs. How could I beat them up? And I'm not a fool. Why would I give them the baton to attack me?"


Captain Niu could not believe his eyes as he saw Peter in handcuffs again. Now, it was impossible to save themselves from the situation.

Peter spoke again,

"I was totally wronged. I did nothing bad! What I did was just self-defense. I was with my colleagues having dinner when a couple of bastards came over to assault my colleagues. I could not bear seeing that, so I stood up for them. Then, the guys humiliated me by forcing me to lick the floor and crawl between their legs."

"I'm a man. How could I do what they were forcing me to do? I fought back, of course. Then, when the policemen came, I thought everything would be okay, but instead, I'm being forced to confess a crime I did not commit. I thought they would uphold justice for us. I didn't expect what would happen next..."

Peter told everybody the truth. Then, he continued, "If you do not believe in me, you can ask those bastards over there. They had treated me like this, so I'm really afraid that my colleagues were being treated worse. Could you send anyone there to make sure they're okay?"

Richard heard what Peter said and sent his fellows to look for the two ladies immediately. The four policemen in the room did not even had the chance to speak.

They all went pale, seemingly faint.

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