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   Chapter 19 The Jerk

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8250

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"No. No more!" The man hastily shook his head. He was not a fool to get beaten up, given that he was no match for Peter.

Peter glowered at the man and shouted, "Then, get out of my sight now!"

"I will. I'm leaving!" In fear, the man was about to scoot away. However, it was already too late. With sirens wailing, three police cars appeared on site.

The police cars stopped on the roadside in an orderly fashion. Then, dozens of fully armed policemen got out of the vehicles and surrounded Peter and the others.

"Arrest them all, and bring them to me!" The head of the police did not even hesitate for a second and commanded to arrest Peter and the two girls without any intentions to figure out the truth.

Shelly and Lisa went pale upon seeing so many policemen gathering here. Their legs could not help but shake out of fear.

They were just ordinary women with normal lives, and they had never seen anything as frightening as this scene before.

Peter knew this had something to do with Alfred. The policemen did not even ask about what had happened. They just wanted to arrest them even without evidence.

Shelly and Lisa were about to be taken in handcuffs. When Peter saw that, he went to the head policeman and said, "Sir, these two woman have nothing to do with what happened just now. They are innocent and should not be treated this way."

"Who do you think you are? You are just a nobody! Your words count for nothing! We suspect them to be prostitutes. We have to take them to the police station, " the head policeman shouted as he glowered at Peter.


Peter was trying really hard not to punch the cop in front of him because he knew that the consequences would be very serious if he did, given the circumstance they were in.

Peter calmly said, "These are only allegations, not facts. Besides, you don't have any evidence. Even if you still take them away, there's no need for handcuffs."

Peter put on a loud, authoritative voice.

The policeman was furious because he felt that he had just been challenged by Peter. However, the people around the scene were watching them, and they all heard what Peter had said, so the policeman had to suppress his anger.

The public opinion was quite powerful these days. If he would lash out, his brutality might get posted on the internet and go viral, and then he would be doomed.

"Fine. No need for handcuffs. Just take them away, " The policeman said angrily, and then

sidential area of the municipal complex, in the big living room, a family of three was sitting on the sofa watching TV.

However, their attention was not on the TV but to the two phones on the tea table.

The elder woman in the family was Grace Feng, who had been rescued by Peter this morning. The younger woman in the room was her daughter, Audrey.

The man in the room was the father of Audrey, James Xie.

James was a handsome middle-aged man with distinct features. He had an upright temperament. One could tell that he was somebody who held a high position.

Grace glanced at the phone from time to time, a little bit anxious.

James saw that and said, "Grace, I think that the doctor will not come today. Let's go to bed and wait for him tomorrow, okay?"

James was furious. Some people had dared deceive him and fooled his wife. If he was not worried about Grace not being able to handle the blow, he really wanted to tell her that she had been tricked and that the so-called doctor would never show up.

Grace understood what James was trying to say. She shook her head and said, "No. I'm confident with my gut feeling, and I know a talent when I see one. That young man is not a fraud. He must be busy with his work and is not off duty, yet."

She continued, "What kind of company does Peter work in? He's putting in too many hours. It is already late, yet he is still at work."

Audrey had lost her patience, so she said, "Mom, it is already ten in the evening. Doesn't he have the basic courtesy of calling since he's late? I'm calling him!"

Audrey said that as she took out her phone and dialed Peter's number.

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