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   Chapter 17 Be Proven Wrong

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8936

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The middle-aged man waved the key of the Mercedes-Benz on his hands as if to show off his wealth.

Peter frowned and said nothing. He was too lazy to pay any attention to such an annoying person.

"I am busy, " Shelly told the middle-aged man. Her good mood was destroyed for the most part.

If not for her good personality and fear of offending people, she would have rushed up to beat him.

'I invited Peter over for dinner, and that's none of your business. Why can't you just stop talking?' thought Shelly. It made Shelly unhappy when the middle-aged man said that Peter had no money but was only pretending to be rich.

Shelly was the one who had asked Peter out, so the middle-aged man said these things ignorant of her feelings.

"Little girl, think about it. My name is Wayne Huang. Though I'm not on the Forbes list of billionaires, I flatter myself as a millionaire. Be with me, and I'll give you thirty or fifty thousand a month."

Wayne was not angered by Shelly's cold attitude, and even asked her to be one of his lovers.

After saying that, he turned to Peter and said in a scornful voice, "If I am not mistaken, he drove you in that battered motorcycle. Such a poor man... He can drive nothing but that cheap motorcycle his whole life. You won't have any future with this guy. I advise you to leave him as soon as possible. He's a good-for-nothing, dirt-poor wimp."

Shelly stared angrily at Wayne as if she was shooting bullets through her eyes, even Lisa couldn't help but get angry at this man.

Peter was even more depressed. He had never said a word from the start, yet he was being attacked by the aggressive language, even though he was innocent.

At this time, Peter had to opened his mouth. He looked at the woman beside Wayne Huang and said, "Ma'am, don't you mind that he flirts with other girls in front of you like this?"


When Wayne Huang heard Peter's words, his smile became more contemptuous. Then, he said, "Cowards are cowards. They can only turn to women.

She's not my wife. Even if she were, she would not dare discipline me."

Wayne Huang saw Peter's skeptical face, so he pointed to the woman and asked her, "Would you dare discipline me if I flirt with those two women?"

"I wouldn't dare. They're even lucky that you like them." Turning to Peter, she said, "Wayne and I are just ordinary friends. I don't have any right to put him in his place."

Although the woman seemed very uncomfortable, probably wanting to kick the shameless Wayne Huang, she had to say those words against her conscience.

She was just a chick whom Wayne Huang was sleeping with. If she offended Wayne Huang, she would be

attered motorcycle, he had two beautiful women with him, and he had thrown a thousand at a barbecue stall. Obviously, he was a nouveau riche.

They hated this kind of flashy men who acted arrogant in front of ordinary people.

Shelly and Lisa rolled their eyes at Peter.

Peter was disgraceful. He was using Wayne Huang's money to pretend that he was rich.

If Wayne Huang had known that not only he was beaten by Peter, but Peter had also pretended to be rich with the one thousand Wayne Huang gave, it would give Wayne Huang a heart attack.

When the boss of the barbecue stall saw the money, he laughed happily. He not only provided them with good service, but also showed high work efficiency. Not long, all the dishes that were ordered by the three were put on the table.

While eating and drinking, Peter joked around with Shelly and Lisa. With only a slight joke that came out of Peter's mouth, the two girls chuckled, blushing. They knew that Peter was teasing with them, and they teased back.

When the diners around saw them having a great time, they envied Peter and admired him greatly at the same time. No wonder he was able to be with two beautiful women. Besides being rich, his charisma was also overwhelming.

Time slipped away with Peter's jokes, so it was already 9:00 PM before they knew it. Although Shelly and Lisa still wanted to have one more round of drinks with Peter, they still had to go to work early tomorrow. Reluctantly, they bade their goodbyes to Peter.

Peter settled the bill and gave a hundred to the owner with a smile. He was about to leave, but suddenly around five or six young people at the next table stood up to surround him.

Seeing this scene, Peter couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

Could't they help it at last?

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