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   Chapter 15 Robbery

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"Boss, we… failed the mission…" The man said trembling over the phone.

"I know you will make it. That's great. Wait... What did you say? You failed the mission? You did what?!" Alfred hadn't expected that they would fail the mission. His joy was replaced by rage within a second. When he jumped to his feet, all eyes in the room turned to him.

"We didn't expect him to be so vigilant. He doesn't seem poisoned at all! He even managed to jump from the third floor and escape!"

"You worthless piece of garbage!" Alfred boomed. "I paid good money for this mission, and you all pissed me over! Pray that I'll never see you again!"

He yelled, ending the conversation.

Alfred was so furious he didn't want to talk to any of his men.

'You're lucky this time, Peter Wang, but trust me that your happy days are running out soon.' Alfred swore as he stormed out of the hall.


Peter kept running until he was very far away from the small bathing place, and then he hailed a cab to get a ride home.

'I know you did this, Alfred. But you know I should thank you for keeping my life interesting.' Lost in his thoughts, Peter devised a plan to defeat Alfred.

Peter was new to the city. He didn't have friends yet, but he managed to make a few enemies. Alfred was one of them. Alfred was a very powerful man because of his connections to the local police. This was also why it was easy for Peter to trace the incident back to him.

Exhausted from the day's happenings, Peter entered his home and immediately fell into a deep slumber.


Peter hummed a tune as he rode an old electric vehicle to work, the next day. The skies were beautiful and sunny.

Around him, he saw people shifting past each other —some of them in a hurry, some rather lost in their own thoughts. Peter felt happy just seeing so much life around him. Plus, there were a lot of beautiful women too!

Suddenly, an accident occurred!

While in the middle of a fun tune in his head, Peter heard loud gasps from the surrounding crowd. A middle-aged woman passing in front of his vehicle suddenly fell to the ground!


Is this a modus operandi for a robbery?'

Peter was very confused.

'You've got to be kidding me! I'm riding a used electric bicycle and my clothes are not expensive! I look like a loser! I don't look rich at all! Of all the people she'd try to rob, why me?' This woman must be crazy to try to rob Peter. He had nothing valuable on him!

Seeing that the woman hadn't done anything to validate his suspicions, Peter felt like there was something very, very wrong. Looking closer, Peter realized that she was actually in pain.

Peter's expression changed. 'She needs help!' He immediately got off his vehicle and started massaging her chest with his hands.

'Shit, she's having a heart attack!'

"You idiot! What are you doing? Let my mom go!"

Said a girl from behind him. In her panic, she threw him a kick

Which Peter caught before it could hit him. 'Wow, these are smooth, strong and white legs, ' he couldn't help observing. At the same time, he felt offended.

He was only trying to help, why did this girl immediately think he was up to no good? 'This is why a lot of people would rather just stand on the side than step up and help.'

Although the woman's legs were beautiful, it wasn't a good time to dwell on it. Concentrating on the middle-aged woman, Peter continued mass

aging her chest.

She was seriously ill! If Peter didn't act quickly, she might have already lost her life!

Audrey looked at Peter wide-eyed. She didn't expect the idiot to be quick enough to catch her leg.

Now she couldn't move and it was very annoying. She also saw what he was doing to her mom, and that drove her into a rage.

"You maniac! What are you doing to my mom? I'm going to kill you, I swear!" In her anger, Audrey failed to notice her mom's pale face, and the reason why her mom was allowing Peter to continue what he was doing.

Clearly, her prejudice came before her senses.

Audrey and her mom were shopping before she had to buy a drink to quench her thirst. The moment she got back, the sight of her mom on the floor and Peter touching her chest was the first thing she saw.

'PERVERT!' Audrey marched towards him wanting to throw her drink at him.

Also angry, Peter pushed Audrey away as he caught her leg, causing her to painfully fall to the ground as well.

"Have you lost your mind, little girl? Can't you see I'm trying to save your mom's life? Look at her! She looks awful!

Despite your anxiety, how could you even think I'd take advantage of your mom in the middle of the road? It's a public fucking place, I'm not an idiot!"

Audrey was a beautiful girl of 18 years with long, black hair that swayed gently in the breeze.

Her T-shirt and denim shorts flattered her figure.

She was the type of girl Peter would normally hit on. He would do whatever he can to find a way to talk to her and get her WeChat number. With Audrey, though, his first emotion was clearly that of anger.

"Use your head, lady! Don't be stupid!"

Peter finished, as he turned to his vehicle to leave.

"Wait!" The middle-aged woman called out. "Thank you for your help, young man. You saved my life."

"My daughter is a spoiled brat. I'm sorry for what she did to you. Please understand."

The woman glared at her daughter, walked to Peter, and gave him a bow of appreciation. Peter felt odd seeing an older woman show him respect.

Audrey gave Peter a piercing look.

She refused to accept her misgiving, being spoiled from childhood. She hated being blamed for anything, and what Peter said infuriated her.

"Please, ma'am, you don't have to do that. I accept your apology." Peter said quickly walking to the middle-aged woman to help her stand straight from her bow. "It seems that you've been ill for years. Please go to the hospital so it won't get worse."

"Go to the hospital?" The middle-aged woman shook her head. "I've seen many doctors already, no one could cure my disease.

Speaking of which, what you did to me just now was a traditional Chinese medical massage, correct?"

Peter nodded. "I actually feel so much better. Do you think you can treat my disease?"

The woman was positive that Peter could help her with what she was feeling. The relief she felt now was something she had never felt before with all the advice and procedures given by other medical professionals.

"Uh... Yes, ma'am, I think I can treat you, but…" Peter hesitated.

"But what? Don't worry. Money is not a problem. If you can cure my mother, you can get as much as you want." Audrey cut him off, excited when she heard that Peter could possibly cure her mother. Despite being spoiled and selfish, her mother meant a lot to her. She would give anything to see her healed.

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