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   Chapter 14 Alfred's Revenge

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Peter saw what the clumsy bag-snatcher was trying to do, but he was confident that the robber would reap what he had sown, and therefore, Peter did not stop him.

Bella seemed like a delicate, pretty girl who could not do any harm to others, but she had the capability to fight. It was a piece of cake for Bella to beat up that clumsy bag-snatcher.

The robber ran over to Bella and shouted at the same time, "Bastard, you've got guts? Now, kneel down before me. Otherwise, I'll mar this woman's face!"

"Ahh! ! !"

The robber curled into a ball as he felt the wincing pain coming from his lower body before he had even finished his words.

His face was distorted due to the agony he was feeling.

Bella had lifted her right knee, hitting the robber's crotch brutally.

"You said you were going to mar my face?" Bella squinted at the robber, and suddenly, she pulled his hair to drag him down to the ground. Then, she grabbed two cobblestones and hit him with them.

The robber was in so much pain that he opened his mouth wide and screamed out loud.

If he could turn back the clock, he would rather deal with Peter than this insane woman.

The people around them, including Peter, were surprised at what had just happened.

Violent and ferocious!

It was better to stay far away from this tough beauty.

Peter even felt chills upon witnessing the stunt that Bella had conducted.

He now felt lucky that he had not kissed her. If he had dared kiss her, who knew what could happen... He feared the consequences.

Bella's attack to the crotch was a lesson for Peter, indeed. No man would be able to survive that intense impact.

"Miss Song, what should we do with these two men?" Peter asked with a low voice after seeing Bella stop.

Bella squinted at the two men. They knelt down instantly, out of fear, before Bella made any sound.

"Sir, madame, I'm sorry!"

"Sir, madame, I will never dare do that again!"

"We were wrong!"

"Please show us your mercy and let us go!"

"We are sorry for trying to harm you couple!"

"We are guilty!"

The two men begged for mercy with tears as they slapped their own faces.

They were slapping themselves with much force. The sound of the smacks could be heard by everyone. Soon, their face were swollen like balls.

They did not want to result to this at all, but they had no choice. Peter and Bella were just too strong for them. The thugs would hit themselves rather than get beaten up by Peter and Bella.

But honestly, they would prefer to get hit by Peter because they would still be able to procreate. If they were hit by Bella, on the other hand... their ability to procreate would be close to none.

Peter felt a little bit compassionate when he saw these two hitting themselves so roughly. However, when Peter heard the men call them a couple, he felt no compassion anymore, wanting to zip their mouths immediately.

They were not a couple at all! If Bella got angry because of this, Peter would then suffer.

"Let's go!" Bella blushed when the two men called Peter and her a couple, but she decided to let go of it. She glanced at Peter and went directly to her Hummer. Peter followed her immediately.

"Peter, who are you exactly?" Bella did not drive straight home, but she parked her car on the roadside and asked.

This question had been puzzling her the whole night.

Peter was not any commoner for sure because he had great fighting skills and could even speak fluent French.

"Who am I? I'm an ordinary security guard. Why did you ask? Are you feeling all right?" Peter wanted to joke over it.

"Will you ever hurt me?" Bella did not continue that topic but, instead, asked another question.

"No, I won't, " Peter answered with a serious face. He kne

w that only a firm answer could make Bella feel at ease.

"Let's get married, " Bella said as she leaned her body toward Peter.

Peter was too shocked to follow what Bella was saying.

But he had almost lost control as he was being seduced by the gorgeous Bella. He concentrated and focused very hard on trying to stay calm.

"Miss Song, I just remembered that I still have things to do. I have to leave now. See you later!" Peter pushed Bella away slightly sniffing the perfume on her. He, then, opened the car door and hastily went away.

Bella saw Peter running away. She was not angry with what he did, but she was confused with her own heart. She could not help asking herself, "Bella, Bella, do you like him? Do you love him? He has offended Alfred for you. How many other people will he need to offend for you?"


Peter just kept running until he could not see the red Hummer anymore. He finally felt relieved.

Bella seemed unusual tonight. He was afraid that he would not be able to control himself and go third base with her. If so, there would be a huge trouble.

"Handsome, you are sweating so bad. How about coming in and taking a shower to cool down?" Peter ran to a bathhouse without noticing. The voice suddenly sounded, and it was too late for Peter to react before he was dragged in.

Now that he had already gone inside, Peter decided not to go out immediately. He had just made more than a million tonight, so he could handle the cost.

Peter looked over the women with heavy make-up and declared, "I just want to take a bath. I don't need any other service."

"Set your mind at rest, handsome! There's no such special service here even if you want it, " the woman said that in an affectionate and sweet way.

"That's fine."

Peter reserved a private room and took a cold shower. He then lay down on the bed cozily. Suddenly, the door opened with the aroma of a woman's perfume soon after Peter lay down.

"I've said that I don't need any service..." Peter did not finish his words because he realized that the perfume was poisonous!

He held his breath immediately without any hesitation and soon put on his pants despite the strange woman in the room.

"The cops are here! It's a raid! Get out now!" At that time, someone was shouting, and it became chaotic outside.

Peter felt an unusual atmosphere. He had no time to put on his top, so he dashed toward the window with his clothes in his hand.

"You cannot go!" The woman ran to Peter, wanting to seize him.

Peter kicked the woman down coldly and broke the window glass without a second thought. He got out in no time and ran as fast as he could.


The moment Peter had gotten out, the policemen broke down the door and went inside the room.

"Shit! Chase that man now!" The police officer saw that only a woman was in the room and that Peter was nowhere to be found. He cursed angrily and led the other police to look for Peter.

However, they all were stopped in their tracks.

They were on the third floor and did not dare jump.


Alfred was drinking with a few young ladies and young men in a luxurious room of Alfred Club.

These young men were in expensive clothes, adorned with jewelry. It was easy to tell that they were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

Alfred was in the middle. Apparently, he was the leader of these young men.

Alfred was chatting with his fellows while glancing at his phone from time to time. He was waiting for something, obviously.

Peter was just nobody, so Alfred made arrangements to fuck Peter up. Tonight, he would utterly discredit Peter's reputation, making him a nobody to Bella.

At that moment, the phone alerted. Alfred picked up the phone with a bleak smile on his face.

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