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   Chapter 11 Alfred Gao

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"Bella, finally, you're here. Why did you bring an outsider? Don't you know that this is a family gathering? Who is this man?"

When the middle-aged woman saw Bella, she stood up happily, but her smiling face faded the moment she saw Peter.

"Dad, this is my boyfriend, Peter Wang." Bella didn't pay any attention to the woman, but she directly addressed the older man, introducing Peter to him. Then, she asked Peter to take a seat.

"Rex, look at your daughter. Even if I am just a stepmother who had nothing to do with her upbringing, she should not be this rude to me. How could she bring an outsider knowing that this is a family gathering? What kind of boyfriend did she bring? What would Alfred think about this? What a joke!"

Jane Wang pointed at Bella, looking furious.

"Bella, you're just making a fool out of yourself. When did you get yourself a boyfriend? Why didn't you tell me? Have you forgotten that you have a fiancé?"

Rex Song also frowned, seemingly a little displeased.

"I've been busy lately, and I haven't had the time to tell you, " Bella said casually.

Rex looked at his daughter Bella, and wanted to say something, but eventually he decided to shut his mouth.

The young man never spoke a word, only keeping a smile on his face. It was only the chillness in his eyes, which was unintentionally showed from time to time, that exposed his true feelings, that he was not as calm and composed as he looked.

"Nice to meet you, Uncle Rex and Aunt Jane." Although Peter was feeling bewildered, he still mustered up his courage to greet them.

Rex just ignored Peter's greeting. He did not even take a look at him.

On the other hand, Jane jumped up right away to scold him.

"Aunt Jane? Who is your Aunt Jane? We are having a family gathering here. Who are you and what are you doing here? Get out of here. Get out now !"


Before Peter could say anything, Bella slammed her hand on the table and sprang to her feet. "That's none of your business. He's my boyfriend, so I will go if he leaves! What's more, since you said that this is a family gathering, then what's this person doing here? Why can he come here but my boyfriend cannot?"

Bella said, pointing at Alfred Gao.

Feeling the need to, Alfred stood up and spoke, "Aunt Jane, Bella, what is the point of arguing at this nice place? Come on, since we're already here, let's just sit down and enjoy the meal together."

He was polite and well-mannered, and after saying that, he asked the waitress to take their orders.

It was a French restaurant, so most of the waitresses were foreigners.

He spoke fluently in French to the servers. With his perfect grasp of the French language, coupled with his gentlemanly demeanor, Alfred Gao, a handsome gentleman, would make any man feel ashamed of himself.

Rex watched him interact with the foreign waitresses and nodded with approval in his eyes. He was thinking how Alfred was indeed a skillful and competent man. If Bella could marry him, he would be happy about it.

In the meantime, Jane's heart was pounding with admiration, even her anger started to vanish. She glanced at Peter, with a look of contempt in her eyes, and thought, 'How dare he compete with Mr. Gao for Bella! Doesn't he even know what he looks like?'

Bella's face turned white, as if someone had just slapped her face.

If Peter were her real boyfriend, it would be okay because he would just have to suck it up and deal with the situation. But Peter was not. Once Peter would feel humiliated and wronged by comparison, she was afraid that he would just get up and leave.

She knew how stubborn Peter was, so even Bella herself might not be able to stop him once he decided to leave.

Thinking of this, Bella glanced at Peter stealthily and immediately regretted looking at him as what she saw almost made her fly into a rage.

Peter was staring and ogling at the foreign waitress without blinking his eyes, even almost drooling.

'Bastard. Even though this is a high-end French restaurant with well-groomed and beautiful foreign waitresses, can't he manage to behave himself?'

After Alfred ordered his meal, he frowned and looked at Peter, sneering at him with his eyes. He told the waitress in fluent French, "I'll order these first. Please go to my friend and see if he wants anything else."

Alfred wanted to make Peter feel

a little uncomfortable. If a man would get embarrassed like that, he would not be able to stand the shame, so he would most likely leave in disgrace. Alfred was taking so much time in ordering, simply because he was trying to make time for Peter to excuse himself and leave.

But Peter was not moving a finger as if he had no intentions to get out of the place. In this case, Alfred would just make a fool out of him.

Maybe Peter could speak a little English, but he most certainly would not be able to speak any French at all. That would be impossible.

The beautiful waitress frowned and went to Peter's side shortly. Then, she asked him in French if he needed anything more.

She had also noticed that Peter had been staring at her, which annoyed her, of course. They were in a high-end French restaurant. People who came here were all well-educated, so no customer would stare at her like that. But how could he?

It was just her professionalism and proper work ethics that were keeping her from flipping out on him. When the beautiful waitress walked toward Peter, the smile on her face disappeared, and her attitude toward Peter was totally different from what she had shown Alfred.

As Bella watched the waitress walk toward Peter, she immediately felt uneasy. Even she, president of Silverland Group, did not know much French, so how could Peter, a mere security guard, know French?

With this, she hated Alfred Gao even more. It was obvious what he was trying to do, and it was despicable.

Peter saw the beautiful waitress coming, and he suddenly became serious. Then, he blurted out in fluent French, "Beautiful lady, please pardon me for my rudeness. I didn't mean to stare, but I saw a stain on your skirt and I've been looking for an opportunity to tell you about it, but you've been busy and I never had the chance to."

Hearing Peter speak French so fluently, it was not only Bella who was shocked, but also Alfred, Rex, and Jane.

Stunned, the waitress, then, looked at her skirt. After that, she lowered her head in shame and panicked. "I'm sorry, sir. I've misunderstood you."

No one else could hear the accent in the way Peter spoke, but she, a French girl, could. His French had a strong royal accent, and his pronunciation was more authentic than that of most French commoners. Such a person definitely had a superb identity and background.

The waitress even felt a little upset and annoyed by the stain on her skirt. She had even hoped that Peter had been looking at her, not at the stain.

"It's nothing." Peter waved his hand politely and began to order.

'This guy must have happened to know French by luck, ' Jane thought. Seeing this, her face turned red, full of remorse.

A streak of gloom flashed through Alfred's eyes but soon disappeared.

Only the eyes of Rex lit up for a while, but he did not say anything, either.

Bella was completely dumbfounded. If they weren't in a family gathering, she would want to ask Peter who he was right then and there.

With his strong fighting skills and ability to speak French, how could such a man work as a security guard in Silverland Group? Did he have a hidden agenda?

The meal was soon served, and they began to enjoy the exquisite food.

In the meantime, the beautiful waitress kept winking at Peter, trying to seduce him, implying something somehow.

Looking at this scene irritated Bella. She could do nothing but just glare at Peter. Fortunately, he was behaving very well. He was just having his food with his head down, and that kept Bella from losing her temper.

Looking at Peter, who was only concerned with eating and drinking, Alfred thought of another way to humiliate him.

"I would like to introduce myself. I am Alfred Gao, chairman of Alfred Group. Where do you work, my friend?" He raised his glass to greet Peter.

"Alfred Group?" Peter, who was quietly eating and drinking, finally raised his head for the first time, his eyes full of surprise.

When Alfred saw Peter's expression, he was secretly satisfied and proud of himself. Although Alfred Group was not as prominent as Silverland Group, it was not far off and it was also well-known in Golden City.

The most important thing was that, Alfred Group, was Alfred Gao's own company. Anyone would know that only by hearing the name. So, Alfred thought that he had intimidated Peter with this.

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