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   Chapter 10 Meeting The Parents

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Shelly and Lisa lowered their heads with their mouths closed tightly to hold back from chuckling out loud. Since they were already fired, they didn't fear Bella as much as they did before.


In shock, Peter nearly fell down.

He turned around only to find that Bella was behind him wearing a stern face.

"Oh, Miss Song... I was... I was just praising your beauty." Peter was cheeky enough to have quickly changed his words to flattery.

Bella snorted and took no more notice of him. She looked right at the other two and said, "Don't you know that it's working hours? Go back to work! If you gossip during work again, I will send you both home."

"Yes, President!" "Yes, President!" The two replied immediately with immense joy and rushed to their work hastily. They were not fools. What Bella had said meant that they were not fired.

As for Peter, well... Good luck to him.

"Get your ass over here!" After having scolded Shelly and Lisa, Bella turned to Peter and coldly ordered him. With the tapping of her black stilettos, Bella walked out like a queen.

Peter's face twitched bitterly. He had no choice but to follow her.

They reached a stylish red Hummer soon. Bella leaned on the car leisurely with single hand holding the front part, turning round and squinting at Peter.

"You said I was at your beck and call, right? If you asked me to kneel down, I would dare not stand. That's what you said, no? So, now, should your humble servant kneel down to show respects?"

A luxurious car and a gorgeous woman should have probably exhilarated Peter and driven him crazy under other circumstances. But now, the only thing he wanted to do was to run away.

"Oh, that... You must have misheard me. Right, you definitely must have misheard me." Peter desperately put up a struggle to deny it.

"Hmph!" Bella snorted and said, "It's okay. There is a chance to make up for what you've done. If your performance is good enough to satisfy me tonight, I'll just let it go. How is that?"

Peter mumbled in hesitation, "Miss... Miss Song, I'm not an easy boy."

"What do you mean?" Bella was a little confused with his words.

"Didn't you just say that you wanted to see my performance tonight?" Blushing, he continued, "Even though I am quite confident with my ability, this would be my first time. I have never had a girlfriend yet... "

What the fuck?!

Bella got so angry that she slammed her high heels onto Peter and said, "Shut up, you asshole! What are you thinking about? Do you think a toad like you has a chance with a swan like me? In your dreams!"

What an asshole! How could he assume that?

"What? What performance were you talking about then?" Confused, Peter asked as soon as he had dodged the kick.

"Pretending to be my boyfriend in front of my parents, " Bella replied impatiently.

"No!" Peter refused since he was in quite a bad mood now.

"Men would rather prefer death over humiliation. You are playing with me, my body, and my feelings. I will never do it, no matter how much money you give me, because I'm a man with dignity. By the way, how much can you offer?"

Bella became a little worried upon hearing the first part of his statement. If Peter would be stubborn and refuse to help her, her whole plan would be in vain. Hearing the whole remarks, she was both relieved and contemptuous.

"If you do well, I'll give you 5, 000!"

"5, 000?" His mouth went agape at what he had heard.

"Fine. 10, 000!" Bella frowned. Was he going to demand an exorbitant price?

"10, 000?" Peter opened his mouth even wider.

Bella was a little annoyed, so she said, "Tell you what, don't push your luck. If you abuse it too much, I will go to the police station and show them the video."

"Please don't..." Quickly, Peter grabbed her hand to stop her, and then he said, "I mean, 5, 000 is already more than what I had expected. God knows how you misunderstood me and even offered me 10, 000. Well, I must accept it if you insist. Would you pay by cash or PayPal?"

Bella was stunned at the response of this ballsy guy.

"I'll pay you after you behave well tonight."

"But, at least, you should give me some downpayment, right?"

This guy was driving her crazy, so Bella immediately transferred 5, 000 through her PayPal account. Without wasting any more time, she made Peter get into the Humm

er before they both left the Silverland Group.

After receiving a great sum of money into his account, Peter smiled with joy, and then, he sneakily glanced at Bella.

He had seen beautiful women drive Hummers before, but this was the first time he had seen one in Golden City. Although slender and delicate, Bella was driving such a huge thing, which didn't look compatible at all, like beauty and beast in real life.

But she was quite skillful in driving. As the Hummer ran fast along the road, the growling of the engine complemented Bella's beautiful appearance, adding on to her confidence and charisma.

"Have you seen enough?" Suddenly, Bella turned slightly and asked enchantingly with a smile.

"Of course not, you are so beautiful. It would never be enough." Peter shivered, immediately looking away after taking a last glance at her chest.

Just a second ago, she was an ice-cold tigress, but now, she seemed like a sexy and charming seductress. What a capricious woman! He'd better behave himself.

Bella paid no more attention to him and concentrated on driving. After half an hour, they showed up in Sawgrass Mansion.

Sawgrass Mansion was a high-end shopping center which featured luxury brands. Bella first took Peter to a salon to get a haircut. After that, they proceeded to the designer shops to pick out some clothes.

Peter knew that these were only going to be used for the dinner tonight, so he made the most out of it without any embarrassment.

Under the disdainful looks of the saleswomen, Peter selected two expensive suits and had Bella pay for them.

The saleswomen were astonished. They had never seen a boy toy this proud and shameless. This bastard really had gotten himself some dumb luck.

At around 6:00 PM, the both of them had finished getting ready, and then, Bella and Peter headed straight for dinner.

Norman Restaurant, a fancy French restaurant. The guests here were either distinguished celebrities, swanky nouveau riches, or spoiled kids.

Peter wore a business suit while Bella was in a black cheongsam. As soon as they had stepped in the venue, they caught all of the attention of everyone in the restaurant.

Peter had an imposing appearance. He stood tall and straight like a javelin, full of masculine charm.

Dressed in a black embroidered cheongsam, Bella put her hair in an elegant updo, looking like a graceful empress.

They looked like the perfect couple.

Bella held Peter's arm closely with her loving eyes staring straight at him all of the time as if he was the only man in the world.

Peter was feeling quite nervous and shy, for he had never done this meeting the parents kind of thing before, not even when he was the soldier king. Pretending to be someone's boyfriend or not, it was indeed a first for him. He was starting to get anxious. This situation seemed worse than when he was in the battlefield.

"You'd better act naturally. Don't you get us into trouble. One more thing, you are my boyfriend. Stop keeping such a distance from me. Look at you. Does it look like you're dating me? Now, get close, and put your arm around my waist."

Bella was unsatisfied with Peter's actions, so she scolded him in a low voice when nobody was looking at them. She didn't mind it, and she was a woman. But why was it bothering Peter, who was a man?

They stopped in front of a VIP room. Bella took Peter's arm and wrapped it around her waist before she opened the door and went inside.

There were three people in the room, two men and a woman.

The elder couple had to be Bella's parents, for Bella bore some resemblance to the elder man.

Another handsome, young man, who was around 27 or 28 years old, was inside the room. His clothes and his watch were all famous brands; all of the things he was wearing were worth at least a million. He seemed like a wealthy chap at first sight.

The young man was dressed decently, but the expression and look on his face made people uncomfortable.

The moment Bella appeared, his first glance was to her breasts and then to her face. There was a hint of lust deep in his eyes.

But when his glance shifted to Peter, there was only viciousness and gloom. Even though it was just a glimpse, Peter didn't miss it.

Damn it. Peter knew he had fallen into Bella's trap again, and this dinner wouldn't be an easy task.

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