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   Chapter 9 Anger Over The Affair

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Suddenly, a burst of excited laughter sounded, "Hahaha! You can't deny what you've done because I have you on record. What do you have to say for yourself?"

The two brothers, Bob and Eric, appeared in the hall. Bob had a cell phone in his hand, and he was recording Peter. Looking pleased, he said, "Do you think you're the only one who secretly records videos? You didn't expect this, didn't you? I'd like to see how you can get away with assault this time."

Then, Eric spoke up angrily, "I've told you before that, if you hit me, you'll pay for it! And now that you've offended our brother, you have no choice but to go straight to jail and be taught a lesson.

As a matter of fact, I can tell you that, in addition to your punishment, I will not let go of these two women who are related to you. Not only am I going to kick them out of Silverland Group, but I'm also going to find someone to gang rape them and make them suffer for the rest of their lives. This is the price you have to pay for offending me!"

Eric's hate for Peter was evidently far greater than Bob's at the time. Even as Peter's superior, Eric had been beaten by Peter and was sent to the hospital immediately after. That was Peter's first day of work. Eric had been beaten so badly that he had to be carried out on a stretcher. That humiliating scene was seen by so many people that it had easily become an unforgettable moment of his life.

Eric could imagine that the news would soon be spread throughout the company, making him the butt of many jokes.

Peter's eyes slightly narrowed as he saw the two men appear. And, of course, he immediately realized that all of this had been planned by the brothers. Their ultimate aim was to get back at him.

The bald man's behavior was pathetic and ridiculous. He had been used by the two men without him knowing it.

"One of you bastards deserves to die, and the other deserves to be beaten. Both of you are really brothers. I can see the resemblance of your stupidity and viciousness. If I'm going to jail soon, I'm going to beat you both up before I do, all for the people you've bullied!" Peter sneered and started rushing at them like an unstoppable tornado.

He believed that everyone had a bottom-line that they could never touch, and that when that principle was violated, they would react with surprising force.

No matter how much Bob and Eric would threaten him, or even hurt him, Peter could let them off. But since they had the audacity to attack Shelly and Lisa, he would not let them get away with it. Not only that, but they had also said such shameless words and made such hateful threats. Damn it!

Seeing Peter rush forward, Eric's eyes flashed with fear. Subconsciously, he hid behind Bob.

And Bob, he reacted otherwise. He had been wanting to beat Peter up, so when he saw Peter come toward them, he felt excited and pumped up. He hadn't gotten the chance to hit Peter before, so now, he felt that this was a godsend for him to fight back.

Bob was not as cowardly as his cousin Eric. He used to be a top special forces soldier, and his fighting skills were far more superior than Eric's.

"Drop dead, you asshole!" Bob let out a roar and, at the same time, professionally threw out a punch, which gathered a great deal of wind toward Peter.

The punch he threw was so powerful that it seemed to have had an immense amount of force with it.

Peter rolled his eyes as he shaped his right hand like an eagle's claw. Suddenly, he grasped Bob by the wrist and pulled him forward.

This action made Bob unstable, causing him to be driven forward. For the first time in his life, shock was strewn across Bob's eyes.

He had no idea that Peter could easily grab his large fist just like that. He couldn't believe it. He had just punched hard enough to turn over a cow, but he wasn't even able to bring Peter down.

Peter did not give Bob any time to think. The moment Bob leaned forward, Peter's right knee curled up and hit Bob's abdomen.

A loud thud was heard. Before anyone could react, Bob was found collapsed on the ground. His blood flowed in streams.

Without giving Bob a chance to get up, Peter stomped on him again and treated him like a dead dog.

"It seems that your physical condition is not good. You're not qualified to be a security chief. How could you possibly qualify for that position with your poor health and poor fighting skills?"

Peter's voice was full of sarcasm.

Bob's face turned red. He was afraid and ashamed at the same time. He had never thought that he would ever be trampled on the ground by Peter!

They had only gone for one round, yet he had completely lost the bout so soon.

Eric the idiot was hiding in the back, completely scared. His mind went utterly blank.

Peter had beaten his cousin, who he had thought was so strong, with one stroke. How strong Peter was!

Eric was so weak with fear that he could barely stand. The thought that he had offended such a powerful man made him tremble with fear. He even nearly fainted the next second.

Peter was not in a hurry to speak, so he stepped on Bob and tortured him for a while. When he realized that Eric's fear had reached a critical point, he looked at Eric coldly.

"Down on your knees! Now!" he shouted.


Hearing Peter's voice, Eric, who was extremely frightened, shivered and fell to his knees without hesitation.

He thought that Peter looked terrifying, especially with his cold eyes, which seemed to have no emotion. He had no doubt that Peter would rush to him at any moment and tear him to pieces.

Eric was so afraid of Peter that he was scared out of his wits. He was so pale that he dared not move or even breathe aloud.

"Do you remember what you said just now? You said that you were going to fire them and that you were going to have them gang-raped, remember?" Peter's voice was cold and emotionless. Every sentence he spoke sliced like a frigid shard of ice.

"No, I didn't! I swear I didn't!" Eric quickly shook his head in denial and started shaking violently. He was so afraid of Peter that he thought he was a devil. Eric had no courage to bear the demon's wrath.

"No? You mean you didn't say those horrible things?" Peter narrowed his eyes chillingly, then raised his hand, and slapped Eric several times. ''Are you implying that my ears are not working well? Or that I'm getting old so I heard it wrong? Or I'm deaf? Delusional?"

"No, no, that's not what I meant! I swear I didn't mean it! Please! I was wrong. I admit that I did... I did say those words... " Eric's brain buzzed with each slap, and he felt that the sky and the earth was dimming before his eyes. He would rather pass out than face Peter the devil. On the verge of tears, he had to quickly change his response.

"Are you sure you did?" Peter raised his hand again and slapped Eric several more times. "How can you say such mean things? I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch!"

No matter what he said, he was wrong. No matter what he said, he would get beaten. Eric felt that he would rather die than endure such torture. Was the damn answer yes or no?

Peter gave Eric a good beating before stopping. Then, he pointed to Bob, who was at his feet, and told Eric, "Now, it's your turn to hit him!"

"How dare you!'' Bob was furious. "Peter Wang, how insidious you are! Your attempt to separate us brothers in this way will never succeed!"

"Am I really insidious? Okay, let's try and see if it works." Peter smiled cunningly and looked at Eric. "Are you going to hit Bob or not? If you refuse, you're the one who's gonna end up miserable. Make up your mind quickly, Sir, my patience is limited."

The terrible threat worked. Poor Eric shook his fist and said, "Of course, of course, I'll hit him!" Eric gritted his teeth and jumped at Bob. He had no choice. His hard punch made Bob cry with pain.

"How dare you! How dare you fucking hit me?" Bob was furious. "You son of a bitch! You didn't even have the courage to fight back. You would rather murder your own brother! I've taken care of you all these years, and you fucking dared beat me. You are such a heartless man who repays kindness with enmity!"

Bob shouted angrily and pulled Eric to the ground. The two men started to wrestle violently.

"How can you blame me when you saw that I was forced to do this? Besides, I didn't punch you that hard. It was like there was no effort at all. How could you hit me back so hard? Are you trying to get back at me? I'll kill you,

you bastard!"

"You are such a heartless man who repays kindness with enmity! I will kill you now."

The two brothers began to complain to each other at first, and gradually, they began to quarrel. When the argument got more heated, it turned into a fight. They hit each other harder and harder each time, and soon, they were all black and blue, out of breath. But even so, they were still so angry that they couldn't stop fighting, not for a while. They were still punching each other.

Shelly and Lisa were so stunned that they couldn't make any sound. It had never occurred to them that things would turn out this way, that these two bad guys would be defeated so easily, and that they would still be killing each other.

Just then, the bald man who had been thrown out of the door by Peter came in with an angry look on his face. He was trying to settle accounts with Peter when he saw the two brothers beating each other. He was shocked. He had no idea what was going on.

While he was in a trance, Peter suddenly grabbed him and threw him at the two fighting brothers. It all happened so suddenly that no one had any time to react.

Bob and Eric, in particular, had been badly beaten up by Peter, and they had also been fighting with each other for some time, so they were now bruised and wounded. At that moment, Peter took the opportunity to throw the bald man into their fight, which would surely make things worse. The brothers, blinded by their anger, did not even think about how it had happened, let alone who was to blame. They just wanted to vent their anger, so they grabbed the bald man and started beating him up.

By this time, the fight between the two brothers had completely evolved into a scuffle between the three. The three men were beating each other up so badly that their screams followed one after another. At this point, the scene seemed ridiculous.

Peter had already taken out his mobile phone and recorded it as if he were shooting a Hollywood blockbuster. He, as the victor, was admiring the absurdity and stupidity of these shameless men.

"Hello, 911? There are several people fighting here, and it is becoming very violent. They are all covered in blood. I hope you can send a medical team here. It's urgent. You guys have to move a little bit faster. If you guys are late, they might bleed to death." Peter watched the miserable scene of the three scuffling men for a while until he felt his anger had dissipated. Then, he stopped filming and called 911 for help. In fact, what he had said on the phone left the operator speechless.

The operator wondered in silence. He thought it strange that the caller did not immediately call the police when he saw the fight, and he even called 911 with a calm demeanor. Despite the confusion, the medical center did not treat news of injuries as a joke, so it dutifully set out to rescue the injured.

Ten minutes later, the ambulance crew rushed in and carried the three weak men away.

The hall, which had been filled with noise because of the three men's cries of pain, was suddenly quiet. Peter felt a lot more relaxed.

"I'm sorry I've caused you all this trouble. You've just been slapped in the face by that bald man. Does it still hurt?" Peter looked to Shelly and Lisa while asking them with concern.

"We're all right. Thank you." Shelly became scared when she saw Peter beating up the three bad guys, but she was relieved when she saw Peter's concerned eyes. She realized that Peter was a good man.

"Thank you, Peter." Lisa thanked Peter immediately, but her expression was a bit off.

Peter noticed that she seemed to have something more to say, so he asked, "What's the matter, Lisa? If you need me to teach them a few more lessons, I'll go to the hospital and beat them up again." Peter was going to leave as he spoke, pretending he was going to the hospital to beat people up.

He was really sorry that he had brought these two girls in trouble. If it hadn't been for his guilt, he wouldn't have been so angry, beating up the bastards at work.

"No, I'm really okay." Lisa grabbed Peter nervously. After what she had just seen and heard, she believed that Peter would do what he said and would rush to the hospital at once.

Shelly was so scared that she grabbed Peter by the other arm. She was afraid that he was going to do it. The three men were already dying, so if he hit them again, they might really die. Of course, the scums deserved to die, but there was no need for a nice guy like Peter to commit a crime for them.

Shelly and Lisa were so grateful to Peter that they didn't want to put him in any danger.

"Now that you two are all right, I can rest assured. I'll treat you to lunch to calm you down." Peter was relieved to hear that all was well with the two girls.

"Well, all right."

Both of the girls agreed. They seemed to have made up their minds and went straight to the front desk to pick up their things.

Wondering why they did it, Peter asked, "What are you doing? Why are you packing up?"

"Because we've been fired. That bald man is our leader, Director Kang. We'll never get away with it when he gets back. But it doesn't matter. Even if we get fired, we can still look for jobs in other companies. I'm so smart, beautiful, and talented that I'm sure I can find another one soon enough, "

Shelly said with a sigh, but she quickly regained her confidence. She believed in her own abilities and that there was always a way out. She, then, consoled Lisa, who was depressed beside her, "Lisa, don't worry. We're still young, so we still have a lot of time to learn and find new things for ourselves. We have a bright future ahead of us."

Lisa was encouraged, so she nodded. She felt that her gloomy mood about losing her job had improved a lot and that everything would be all right.

"You both got fired?" Peter was shocked. He couldn't believe it. "That's impossible. I don't think you two need to pack up and leave. I'm going to talk to the president of our company right now, and she would certainly agree that you both shouldn't get fired for it. I promise you that as long as I work here, you will not be fired. Trust me."

As Peter spoke, he headed for the elevator to get on Bella's floor. If Shelly and Lisa would be sacked because he had punched someone, he'd be guilty of it for the rest of his life.

"Wait a minute." Shelly stopped Peter and asked, somewhat doubtfully, "Peter, didn't you get fired, too?"

She thought that Peter had been fired because he had been called to the President's Office, which meant that he had to have made an unforgivable mistake. As a matter of fact, according to her previous experience, anyone called into the office by the president would be scolded and ended up being miserably fired.

"Fired? Why do you think I got fired?" Peter was a little upset. When he saw the expressions on Shelly's and Lisa's faces, he realized that they both thought he had been fired. It felt as if they would have liked him to be fired, so he was puzzled.

"It's so strange that you didn't get fired. Why didn't you get fired? That's strange, " muttered Shelly, which made Peter even more confused and a little defensive.

Peter, then, suddenly looked up, stood up straight, combed his hair with his right hand, and acted confident. "It does makes sense, " he bragged, "I am handsome and strong, so I belong to a good company. There's no way I'm going to get fired."

Shelly couldn't believe it, of course, so she made a skeptical face toward the narcissistic Peter. She had a feeling that there might be some affair between Peter and the president. "Peter, please tell me honestly. Did you know Miss Song before? Are you two lovers?"

"I'll tell you a secret. You must not tell anyone. Bella, the President, has fallen in love with me, and we love each other so much that she won't say no to anything I say. She can give up everything for me and forgive all of my mistakes. So you can take my word that you will not get fired. In fact, I will go and get her to agree to it right away."

Peter had to brag to comfort the two girls. He realized that if Bella knew what he was saying, that would be the end of him. He made it seem like what he had said was real that he felt sorry for Bella. But he didn't think it would matter because Bella wouldn't hear it. But he was clearly wrong.

"Are you sure you're telling the truth?" Just as Peter finished boasting, a voice came up from behind him, and it clearly belonged to Bella.

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