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   Chapter 8 Beat Up The Bastard

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'Her again?!'

Peter couldn't believe what was happening.

"Woah! It's so nice to see you again! I actually had a dream about you on the night that we met. I always knew you were special, but I didn't expect you to be the CEO of this company! It suits you with your charm and elegance."

'Perhaps if I sweet-talk her, I'll get on her good side.' He might have forgotten the fact that he told her he never wanted to see her again.

"Hahaha, really, now?" She seemed flattered. It was working.

"Really, darling, " Peter assured her.

"Hmmm, interesting. I seem to remember things differently. In my vague memory, you said something like never wanting to see me again? And, hmm. Correct me if I'm wrong but… I kind of remember you refused to give me your number, " Bella said sheepishly.

"I was having a really rough day, to be honest, " Peter replied desperately trying to salvage the situation. How could he have known she was the President of his then-future employer? "Plus, I was very tipsy so didn't think much of it. I'm sorry if I said anything harsh."

"Hmm… Okay. Now that you said you were sorry and that you were really drunk that night, I will accept your apology, " Bella said with a cute pout.

"Aww, thank you so much, darling. You're beautiful on the outside and on the inside." Seeing that Bella was not angry anymore, Peter started to shift the topic back to work. "Now that we're friends, my darling angel, I'm wondering if we can talk about additional compensation, and maybe a promotion. What do you think?"

Suddenly, Bella's expression changed. The sweet playful girl was gone and the big boss was back. "You shall address me as Miss Song, Mr. Wang."

'What the fuck?'

Peter couldn't believe it. All the flattery was useless!

"I will not take orders from a mere security guard about who I will promote and how much I will pay my employees. Get out! You're fired!" Bella said, loudly slamming her hands on her desk as she stood up.


Peter felt very frustrated. In a snap, Bella felt like a totally different person!

He said what she wanted to hear, but she still went bananas out of nowhere!

"Well screw you! You're a bullshit CEO. I don't even want to work here anymore!" Peter yelled and started running towards Bella.

"What are you going to do with me?" Bella asked, both alarmed and mildly excited, as she backed up slowly, slumping down her chair.

"What am I going to do? I'm going to do you." Pressing against her, he seized her arms and pushed her to the office desk. With one swift movement, he swung his hand towards her ass.


The sound echoed in the big office. Bella's body shook. She felt pain all over. It felt painful but she bore the slappings without a sound.

"How dare you bite the hand that feeds you. You'll regret this, you bitch!" Remembering the power play and injustice he encountered all throughout the day, Peter felt his rage rise from inside him and slapped harder and harder.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Sounds of flesh hitting flesh continued to fill the room.

Peter went on and on until he felt like it was enough.

He had a huge feeling of embarrassment as soon as he calmed down. He might have slapped her too heavily, but she deserved it after what she did. He had rescued her in the bar but now she was giving him a hard time in the job he landed.

Bella was on the desk, lying down on her sto

mach, with her buttocks raised. She was red from anger, glaring at him.

Her body's position… Her face… Her eyes…

"Miss Song, I deeply apologize for what happened. I will now leave and be sure that you never see me again." Eaten by guilt, Peter decided to exit and concede to Bella's decision to fire him.

He was about to reach for the door when he heard Bella speak. "Leave that door, or I will call the police to arrest you for molesting me, the moment you do. My office is under heavy security and surveillance and I have every piece of evidence against you, "

Said Bella as she slowly got herself to stand up despite the pangs of pain.

'God, this bastard doesn't know how to act properly, ' she thought.

"What do you want from me?: Peter asked, puzzled at the recent turn of events. Still, he lost his temper and he did what he did. He just had to accept the consequences.

"Go and work now! You are not allowed to quit the job without my permission. You are not allowed to leave Silverland Group, and you will be on-call, whenever I want!" Bella said calmly and indifferently.

"I… thought I was fired." Peter could not understand what she wanted to do.

"I know. I take it back."

"Fine. What if someone else fires me?" 'This woman must be a masochist, ' Peter thought. Had he known, he would have started slapping her the moment he entered the room.

"No one is allowed to fire you, except me."

'What the hell?'

Giving up trying to understand the situation, Peter conceded and left.

Bella sat in relief after dismissing Peter but found herself quickly standing up again. Her buttocks hurt like crazy! "Fuck!" she said irritably. 'That was embarrassing, ' she thought, 'He's so strong, and his slaps were so painful! But at least he's not totally useless. I guess I'll be able to push through with my plan. I felt guilty for using you then, but now we're even.'

Peter took out one big sigh of relief the moment he stepped out of the President's office.

'There's a solution to everything, ' Peter was not worried about his future anymore. He now had a job that could pay the bills…

Peter forced a smile as he greeted the secretary on his way out, and proceeded back to the hall.

Upon his arrival, anger started to well up from inside him again.

A short bald man was talking loudly at Shelly, pointing his finger at her face closely. At one point, he even slapped her!

Shelley shrunk and tears started to run down her face. Poor girl!

Lisa, on the other hand, looked nothing better. Her face was red and swollen from crying.

Jack was nowhere to be seen.

'Who does this man think he is, making a scene in this company? He must be a real asshole to even bully these two sweethearts.'

"Hey! Stop what you're doing!" Peter shouted as he ran and tackled the man, giving him a good beating.

"I was gone two minutes and suddenly you bastards come in and make trouble? Does bullying our receptionists make you feel more manly?

You look like such a dignified man in your suit, but underneath it all, you're just a sick bastard. Get out of this building!"

Peter started to beat the man up and kicked him out of the hall

After thirty seconds of anger.

Shelly and Lisa exchanged worried looks. They appreciated what he did but there seemed to be a little problem.

"Uhh… Peter?" Shelly hesitated. "That's Mr. Kang. He's our supervisor."

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