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   Chapter 6 The Mysterious Enchantress

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Jack prepared himself as he saw the punch coming towards him. Bob was fast and strong, and Jack knew he wasn't skilled enough to doge it the way Peter could. He couldn't even defeat Eric. Surely, he was no match for Bob.

Peter had other plans, though. He would not allow this bully to get his way. With quick precision, he slapped Bob's hand away from his friend, and delivered a swift counter attack.

Bob didn't see that coming. In his years in this company, no one had ever stood up against him before.

Peter's kick landed on his Belly. He felt a sharp pain, and with a thud, his heavy body landed on the floor.

The room fell silent. No one could believe what they were seeing.

" dare you!" Bob said through gritted teeth. "'ll be sorry.." Bob was infuriated. Such humiliation! The Head of Security was beaten up by a newbie!

In his rage, Bob got up and steadied himself, ready to put Peter in his place. Suddenly, the sound of sirens started to fill the air as two police cars arrived at the building entrance. Six policemen started to approach.

Upon seeing them, Bob immediately calmed himself down. "Officer Zhang, thanks for coming. This guy hit my brother and got him wounded! Arrest him immediately!"

The officer gave Bob a knowing nod before approaching Peter. "Come with us, son. We'll have word with you at the station."

Peter looked at Bob and the policeman. It was obvious they knew each other. "Sir, it wasn't my fault!" Peter defended. "They set me up!"

"Hey, son. Are you resisting arrest?" Officer Zhang said coldly.

"Resisting arrest?" Peter laughed. "I'd be glad to come with you. But first, show me your warrant."

Officer Zhang froze. It was unusual for ordinary men to stay calm and think clearly under the stress of being surrounded by the police.

He collected himself right away. "I apologize for my error in speaking, Mr. Wang," Officer Zhang stated. "What I meant to say was that we received reports about you assaulting Mr. Eric Zhen. Please come with us; we would need your cooperation in the investigation."

"No! I'm not going," Peter said defiantly. He was not a fool! He knew it was a trap. Once he got to the police station, he wouldn't be able to go out without getting a good beating.

"Are you refusing to cooperate, Mr. Wang?" Officer Zhang was about to lose his patience.

"That wasn't what I was saying, officer." Peter explained. "I would actually be very happy to cooperate. I would like to request that it be done here, though. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't go with you to the precinct."

"Here, this might help," he said as he handed over his phone and played a video.

Both Bob and the policeman were stunned after watching. It was a very clear recording of the fight!

The video was irrefutable evidence of Peter's account!

Officer Zhang handed Peter back his phone and left without another word. He had no reason to stay any longer.

"You have balls! But go on with your pride. You might feel like you won, but let me remind you that you're fired!"

Bob was furious that Peter foiled his plans, but it didn't matter! No matter what, he was Head of the Security Department and he could do anything he wanted, including terminate his employment!

"You're firing me? Why exactly are you firing me, huh? Give me a reason!" Peter shot, also furious at the obvious powerplay.

"Reason? Hah! You're kidding, right?" Bob roared with laughter. "I am the Head of the Security Departme

nt, Peter. I can do ANYTHING I WANT and I do NOT need a fucking reason to do them. Understand? You want a reason? I'll give you a fucking reason. You're fired because I SAY SO."

Peter was at a loss for words. This was outrageous! No one should be allowed to fire anyone without a legitimate reason! Seeing that there was nothing he could do to stop it, he was determined to give Bob one good beating before he stepped out of Silverland Group's doors for the final time.

His thoughts were interrupted by a voice that echoed through the room. 

"Hey! All of you! What are you all doing here? It's office hours! Work or go home! You're not paid to slack around!"

The speaker was clearly an authority figure.

Every face in the room turned pale, except Peter who had no idea who was talking.

Shelly and Lisa looked so afraid that they almost buried their heads under their desks.

Bob, who looked so powerful and intimidating just a few seconds ago, almost looked like he wanted to cower for shelter.

The sight puzzled Peter so much. His curiosity about the identity of the speaker peaked.

'Who was that? People seem to be more afraid of her than they are of Bob!' Peter thought.

When he finally found the source of the echoing voice, Peter's mouth fell open.

She was so beautiful!

The black suit she wore accentuated her perfect body.

With her strong demeanor, she was surely a Senior Officer in the company!

Everyone seemed to be on their toes the moment she entered the building.

No one dared to look her in the eye. Every head was down and every mouth was silent.

My god! What an enchantress! 'I don't recall her looking like this last night. Who is this woman? Is she her twin or something?'

Peter got lost in his thoughts.

"Mr. Zhen, I heard something about your so-called 'authority' to fire employees without a reason. Tell me, since when were you the boss of Silverland Group? Did you get a promotion I didn't hear of?"

The woman looked very cold. Her glance fell on Peter as she was scanning the room, but she gave no sign of recognition.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, that wasn't what I meant. Please understand, that wasn't what I was implying." Peter couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was there actually fear in Bob's voice? Peter kept his mouth shut. One wrong move and his dismissal might actually push through. No one would be able to help him if that happened now.

"You'd better be sure that wasn't what you were implying. I don't want to hear you say that again, or you will be the first to be fired without a valid reason. Is that clear?" 

Bob nodded in full submission. "Well, what are you all looking at? Is this a show?" she shouted at everyone in the room. "Go back to work!"

That was harsh.

"Yes, Ma'am. Right away, Ma'am." Bob didn't dare say anything else. Humiliated, he quietly made his exit.

'Serves him right, ' Peter thought. 'What a pussy. He pretends to be all tough to the people under him, but he's like a scaredy cat to the higher-ups.' Peter grew very curious about that mysterious woman.

She was probably the President or Executive Vice President of the company to be able to talk to Bob like that.

The woman exited as smoothly as she entered, barely throwing a glance at Peter. As she was about to enter the elevator, though, she suddenly looked as if she remembered something. Out of the blue, she pointed a finger at Peter.

"New guy, Come to my office in ten minutes. Be late and you're fired."

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