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   Chapter 4 You Are Not Strong Enough

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Peter took a shower as soon as he got home. He had a very long and eventful day, and he immediately fell asleep as soon as he hit his pillow.

At 9:45 am the next morning, Peter arrived at Silverland Group, clean-shaven and ready for his appointment.

Greeting the beautiful receptionist and jotting his name down to log-in, he then proceeded to the Human Resources office on the 10th floor and knocked gently.

"Come in, please." Peter opened the door and walked in with the beautiful female voice.

He found Elaine on her desk, organizing a bunch of files in front of her.

The office was a little bit stuffy, so the coat she wore the day was hung at a rack beside her table. She wore a white checkered skirt with the top buttons unfastened. Peter couldn't help but noticing her well-defined cleavage that were slightly visible through her open collar.

Peter found his heart beating faster again, so he quickly decided to look away, diverting his gaze to the nameplate on her table:

"Elaine Dai, President for Human Resource"

Peter was surprised. He didn't expect Elaine to hold such a high position.

She was not just an ordinary working professional, she was one of the top dogs in this multi-million dollar company! Surely she was earning a lot of money! Peter assumed that she was an entry-level HR staff, at best.

"I'm so glad to see you here, Peter, " She said smiling as she finished, setting aside the folders in front of her. She stood and handed him a set of cleanly bound documents. "I've arranged it for you. Fill the application forms up and then I'll walk you to the Security Department."

Peter thanked her and started writing down his details. When he finished, Elaine personally escorted him to the Security office.

Peter could see the other employees exchange jealous and curious glances at the sight of their beautiful HR president personally escorting a new applicant.

Elaine was known to be one of the most beautiful employees in the company. She always looked approachable, but it wasn't easy to get close to her.

It was known that several CEOs from other companies were refused when they tried to ask her out.

Outside of her professional duties, this was the first time they saw her pay much attention to a guy.

'This guy must be really special, ' the employees thought.

The security office staff did not do a very good job hiding their surprise when Elaine walked into their office accompanying a new applicant. To them, Elaine was a goddess: impossible to get close to. They barely even see her around.

She introduced Peter and left, turning him over to their care.

Soon later, Peter received the news that he was accepted into the company as a security guard. His area of assignment: the reception hall.

For this, he would be working with Jack, his senior.

Jack was about 30 years old, his face aged with experience.

"Hey, buddy, I heard Miss Dai took you here in person. You must have a really strong backer from the higher-ups. I might need your help in the future." Jack said as he approached to shake his new partner's hand.

"Nah. I don't know anyone up there. I just happen to be Miss Dai's friend." Peter immediately clarified.

Rumors about "connections" he might have with management might cause trouble

—not just for Peter, but also for Elaine —so Peter thought it was best to avoid them.

He decided that he would keep a low profile.

"Haa, don't you shit with me. You guys don't look like ''friends'. You guys look like you're in a very happy relationship! Hahaha" Jack kept teasing, Testing Peter's patience. Peter wanted nothing more but for his senior to stop talking.

Ignoring Jack's further remarks, Peter proceeded to the reception hall, taking in his surroundings. The two receptionists got his attention.

'Wow, ' he thought, 'even the receptionists here are very beautiful and fashionable.' They wore a white shirt paired with a black vest as their uniform. The rest of their outfit was mostly covered by the desk in front of them.

"Hey, newbie, come here." A voice interrupted his thoughts.

Peter rushed over as soon as he realized where the voice

was coming from. "Sir, what's the matter?"

It was Eric Zhen, Peter's new supervisor, the man Elaine introduced when they entered the Security Office. Peter thought it's best to be on the man's good side.

"Come with me so I can orient you about how we do things in the company." Eric said sharply, going to the Security Office.

Peter followed him without a word.

Jack followed quietly.

The Security Office of Silverland Group turns out to be bigger than a conference room. There were sofas for security staff to rest on, and a lot of exercise equipment that they could use.

"Hey newbie, what's your name again?" Eric asked, scrunching his eyebrows.

"Peter, sir. Peter Wang." He reluctantly replied. He had a bad feeling about what was going to happen next.

"OK, Peter, good." Suddenly, Eric let out a thunderous laugh. "I just wanted to ask if there's anything between you and Miss Dai! So what is it, eh? Are you together?"

"We're just friends." Peter answered.

"Is that so?" Eric raised one eyebrow, clearly unconvinced. Peter's answer wasn't what he expected. He apparently received orders from his own superior to check in on these two's relationship status.

"Yes." Peter nodded.

"Good, very good!" Eric was disappointed and angry. Now that Peter could not tell the truth by common inquiry, it was better to teach him a lesson by force.

"Okay. Now let me give you a taste of how we do things here as a security staff. First, you have to be strong. Second, you have to handle stress well. Right now, I want you to show me if you're capable enough for this job."

With that, Eric clenched his fists and got ready to fight. His bones cracked as he did his stretches.

People in the room started to take notice. They felt nervous for Peter, knowing that Eric was a fearsome fighter.

He used to be assigned as a Special Forces agent in the military where he got extensive training. It was known that he could beat up seasoned soldiers by the number. Peter stood no chance.

This "orientation" would surely not end well. People in the room wanted this to excite their nerve.

"Mr. Zhen, " Jack suddenly said. "Peter is new to the team and he's clearly no match for you. May I have the honor to take your place, instead?"

Underneath a goofy and laid-back facade, Jack was highly perceptive and he wanted to make sure no one would be hurt. Eric was angry with Peter and the fight would leave Peter seriously injured.

"Are you trying to say something? I'm your supervisor and I don't like being interrupted." Asserting his authority, Eric thew Jack a heavy punch.

This took Jack by surprise, making him unable to dodge. He fell on the ground with his mouth bleeding.

Eric didn't hold back with that punch.

Peter looked at Jack with gratitude, and at Eric with outrage.

He did not expect Jack to be hurt because he stood up for him. After all, Jack said those words with so much respect. Had he known, he surely would have been able to do something to prevent it from happening the way it did.

"Hey, newbie. Ready?" Eric asked Peter, ignoring the fallen Jack.

"I AM READY." Peter said, eager for revenge. He told Eric his name but he kept calling him "newbie" to humiliate him.

"Fine." Eric snorted. Swiftly, he grabbed Peter's neck and shot his knee up to hit his abdomen.

Peter clenched his teeth. It looked like Eric underestimated him thinking that the simple move would be enough to beat him. It was clear that the man sized Peter up totally.

Within a millisecond of seeing his opponent's leg flex, Peter moved his body to avoid the incoming kick and smoothly sidestepped to bring himself behind Eric. Peter locked the man's two arms from the back, making it impossible for him to throw more punches.

With incredible strength, Peter pulled Eric back, making him lose his balance. Establishing a good advantage, Peter delivered a strong knee up against his back.

BANG! Eric screamed in pain as he started to fall on the ground. Mid-air, Peter elbowed him squarely on the face, accelerating his fall.

Eric finally fell, unable to stand up again.

Short and clean. That was a good fight.

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